100 English Department Home Pages


After a decade of providing links to 100 frequently-visited English department home pages, we have found that the web has grown too large and intricate, and that changes in URLs occur far too often, for our small volunteer staff to keep up with the task.

A hearty ave atque vale to all those who have used our site over the years. We hope to meet again in that celestial realm where nothing exists but books and friends and the radiance of true learning.

Those who need to locate a particular English department web site should from now on go to David Hoover's splendid comprehensive listing at NYU:


English Pages Worldwide


We have received so much mail over the years from those who found their way to Lingua Latina from our site, or who were moved by it to join the Warren Hedges Fan Club, that we leave links to both in place.

Ave, then, atque vale.

 Lingua Latina: the Universal Latin Course

 Litterae Humaniores' Gaudeaumus Warren Hedges