The focus of my groupís research is on understanding the relationship between a materialís nanoscale mechanical properties and its structure and chemistry. The work involves the use of instruments and techniques developed for physical and chemical characterization of materials including nanoindentation systems, micro-Raman spectrometers, scanning probe microscopes (SPMs), electron microscopes (TEM & SEM), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and ion beams (helium ion microscope). Augmenting the characterization studies are computational and analytical modeling activities. This combination of experimentation and theory is aimed at gaining an insight into the fundamental physical and chemical processes that determine a materialís nanoscale behavior.

The research encompasses a wide range of materials from ceramics, metals and semiconductors to biological samples and organic crystals. Due to the strong environmental dependence seen in some of these samples the instruments used are frequently modified and adapted to examine specific effects, for instance, the relationship between surface mechanical properties and hydration for organic materials.

Funding for the research comes from a variety of large industrial corporations, smaller start-up companies, federal agencies and local (New Jersey and Rutgers) sources. Follow the links below for more information. ††††††††††

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Adrian B. Mann, Professor

MSE graduate program director (Graduate Studies in Materials Science & Engineering)

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Department of Biomedical Engineering

D. Phil. Materials,

Oxford University, 1996

M.Sc. Electronics,

Nottingham University, 1989

B.Sc. Physics,

Nottingham University, 1988



Mail: Materials Science and Engineering Department

607 Taylor Road

Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey

Piscataway, New Jersey 08854

Phone: 848-445-8421 / FAX: 732-445-3258 

Email: abmann [at]

Google scholar: Adrian B Mann

ResearcherID: Adrian Mann A-3992-2012