I believe that DH is held together much less by shared theoretical commitments or methods than by particular genres of scholarly communication: in particular, the blog, the tweet, the “experiment” or informal publication, and the interactive project prototype website. If you so desire, this course is an opportunity for you to join that community, which is comparatively welcoming towards graduate students and novices. Twitter has been frankly indispensable during my own novitiate in DH—I met a collaborator through it!—though there are many good reasons to hesitate before you join. As with all forms of publicness, academics are well-advised to be deliberate about their engagements. I am in favor of blogging, on the other hand, but because this course already asks so much of you, I am not requiring regular blogging. I invite you either to blog on the course Wordpress site, litdata15.blogs.rutgers.edu, or to use that site to circulate links to any posts on a personal blog you wish us to see. If you’d like to learn how to make use of your own university webspace (www.rci.rutgers.edu/~netid), I’m glad to talk with you about this in office hours.