A Life in Law and Politics


General Counsel of the ACLU

Published by Humanities Press, 1997 (Distributed by Prometheus Books, Amherst, N.Y.)

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DEFENDING RIGHTS describes the contemporary struggle for political and civil rights in the United States from the perspective of Frank Askin, General Counsel of the American Civil Liberties Union. It is a book that goes to the core of every American's basic concern - what is big government doing and are they doing it for us? It is a book about law and lawyers, and what one has to do with the other. It is also about politics and how individuals influence the establishment of public policy.

Frank Askin has been in the forefront of legal struggles to expand individual rights for thirty years and has been General Counsel of the ACLU for over twenty. A Distinguished Professor at Rutgers Law School, in 1970 he founded Rutgers' pioneering Constitutional Litigation Clinic, where he has trained a new generation of public interest lawyers. He has interspersed his activities in the courtroom and classroom with several stints on Capitol Hill as special counsel to congressional committees and has run for Congress twice.

Congressman John Conyers, Jr., Former Chairman of the House Government Operation Committee states, "DEFENDING RIGHTS tells a compelling story of day-to-day work by dedicated lawyers to protect and defend constitutional rights, both in the courtroom and in the legislative arena. This book belies the adage that people who love law and sausages should never watch either of them being made. Frank Askin provides an inside view of the law-making process that is fascinating and eminently readable."

Fred Feinstein, General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board states, "Askin has written a lively and illuminating account of his hands-on participation in some of the more intriguing legal battles of our time. In particular, his behind-the-scenes recollection of perhaps the most important recent effort to reform labor law, sheds new light on an event that nearly twenty years later continues to shape labor policy."

Professor Askin provides a panoramic view of the struggles between Left and Right over public law and policy in the post-war era. Written in a personal style which will captivate students from high school through graduate school, the book provides lively and often humorous perspectivn the McCarthy era, the civil rights movement, the anti-war and anti-nuke campaigns, the clash between police and counterculture, the war between labor and management, the fight for free speech and many other struggles of the Cold War era. And it takes the student right into the middle of the courtrooms and legislative arenas where many of these public controversies wound up.


Reflections on Life as a Constitutional Lawyer

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Monument to Participants in 1948 Baltimore Tennis Court Sit-In led by Stanley Askin

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