Introduction to Electronic Mail (E-Mail)

Prepared by Julie Still (

A. Elements of an email address:


B. Examples of domains:
com   commercial organization
edu   education institution
gov   non-military government organizations
mil   military
net   network resources
org   organization
uk     United Kingdom
jp     Japan
au     Australia

C. Emoticons [smileys] to express emotion or mood
:-)   smile
:)     also a smile
:-(   frown
;-)   wink

D. Shortcuts
respond to a message without re-typing the correspondent's email address
a one or two word label for one or more email addresses (eg "Mom" for your mother, or "all library" to send a memo to everyone in the library)
"address books"
a personal list of frequently used email addresses

E. Acronyms
btw     by the way
fyi     for your information
imho   in my humble (or honest) opinion
otoh   on the other hand
rtfm   read the f* manual
wrt     with respect to

F. Tips and "Netiquette"

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Updated April 14, 1997