Introduction to the Internet: Outline

1. What is the Internet?

An overview
How to get the most out of going online

2. E-mail: what, why, how

how to send e-mail

3. Usenet and Listserv: what, why, how

Why lurking on a list is a great introduction to newcomers on net protocol
Read news via INFO

** Break **

4. FTP/Telnet: what, why, how

What is FTP? What can you get? What do you need to know to use it?
What is telnet? Why do you need to know about it?
How to use telnet

5. Gopher: what, why, how


** Lunch **

6. World Wide Web: what, why, how

lynx, Netscape
AltaVista (indexer)
Yahoo (categorizer)
Rutgers University Libraries Web Guides (pathfinders)
Starting Points for Exploring the Internet

7. Getting connected to the Internet:

How to get connected, and questions to ask
Potential service providers
Types of connections:
Online services
E-mail accounts
Dial-up/Shell accounts
SLIP/PPP accounts (differences)
Direct access

8. Being Internet aware and other important issues:

Netiquette (Network etiquette)
Security and privacy issues
Why librarians need to understand the Internet

Definitions * Introduction to E-mail * Introduction to Discussion Groups & Listservs * Introduction to telnet, FTP, & gopher * Other Resources
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Updated April 14, 1997