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New Jersey Legal Research Handbook, N.J.Institute for Continuing Legal Education, 6th ed. 2012; and on-line supplement at (prior editions: 1984, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2008)

Lakewood-in-the-Pines: A History of Lakewood, New Jersey, self-published with grant-in-aid from N.J.Historical Commission, 1986, 189 p. (reprinted by Lakewood Historical Society, 2008)

Articles & Essays

"Justice Bradley's Docket Books and Law Books at Rutgers-Newark" (April 2013), available at

"Ratio of Headnotes to Holdings in West Reporters" (May 2010), available at

Introduction to Revision of the Statutes of New Jersey, 1877 (Lawbook Exchange Ltd. reprint 2005), available at

Introduction to General Statutes of New Jersey, 1895, and Luce's Tables (Lawbook Exchange Ltd. reprint 2005), available at

"Comparing Our Annotated Codes," NJLLA In-Site, 2(2):6-8 (Winter 2004)

Growth of General Legislation in New Jersey, 1799 to 1992 [Faculty Academic Study Program leave project, fall 1998], available at

"Notes on the Legislative History of Laws of 1995 Chapter 319," NJLLA In Brief, 9(4):11-12 (Apr.- May 1996)

"A Method for Detecting Cases Missing from the Online Services," Trends in Law Library Management and Technology, 4(5):4-5 (Dec.1990/ Jan.1991)

"Speed of Publication of Statutes and Regulations in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States," Law Library Journal, 80:415-427 (1988)

"Law Books in New Jersey Libraries," New Jersey Libraries, 20:4-11 (Spring 1987)

"Legal Citation Form: Theory and Practice," Law Library Journal, 75:148-156 (1982)

"Capsule Description of User Services in Fifty Large Law School Libraries," Law Library Journal, 73:726-730 (1980)

"Federal Documents, 1978," Law Library Journal, 72:222-234 (1979)

"Recent Developments in Federal Documents," Law Library Journal, 71:247-256 (1978)

"Legislation Against Smoking Pollution," Environmental Affairs, 6:345-371 (1978)

"Notes on a Utopian Information System," in Revolting Librarians, Celeste West & Elizabeth Katz, eds., San Francisco: Booklegger Press, 1972, p. 145-147, available at

Digital Compilations

"Holmes v. Walton: Case File Transcriptions and Other Materials," (compiled Oct.2009)

"The Law of Slavery in New Jersey,", a collection of texts of statutes and cases, with an annotated bibliography (Jan. 2005, revised June 2012)


"Exclusionary Zoning and the Mount Laurel Doctrine: A Selective, Lightly Annotated Bibliography of Secondary Sources, " in Mount Laurel Affordable Housing Archive at (Fall 2011)

"Legal History of New Jersey: a Selective Bibliography of Secondary Sources" (a chapter of the New Jersey Legal Research Handbook, 6th ed., 2012),

"Bibliography of the Publications of Professor John M. Payne," Rutgers Law Review, 63:805-812 (2011)

"Public Interest Law Practice: A Selective Bibliography" (a project of the Public Interest Law Committee, Rutgers Law School, revised June 2011),

"Same-Sex Marriage: A Selective Bibliography of the Legal Literature," and (Sept. 2002, updated Jan. 2014) Note: portion published as "Selected Bibliography on Same-Sex Marriage," Rutgers Law Review, 59:413-428 (2007)

"A Selection of New Jersey Governors' Executive Orders of Government-Wide Significance, Evidently Still in Force," (2002, revised 2010)

"New Jersey's Chief Justices 1948-2007: Selected References," ~axellute/chiefs.html (Nov.1997, updated June 2010)

"Law Collection Suggestions for Public Libraries in New Jersey" (2000, updated 2010),

"Works of George Sternlieb" (Oct.1997), distributed at Second Annual Norman Williams Jr. Symposium in Law and Public Policy, focusing on Urban Housing Markets and Public Policy, Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, New Brunswick, Apr.24,1998.

"Robert N. Wilentz: A Bibliography," Rutgers Law Review, 49:1215-1230 (1997)

"Same-Sex Marriage"(Rutgers-Newark Law Library, Pathfinder Series, Oct.1996)

"Legal Bibliography Texts and Free Course Materials: A Selective Annotated List," Legal Reference Services Quarterly, 4:59-64 (1984)

"Selected Federal Documents on Women's Rights," Women's Rights Law Reporter 4(2):126-132 (1978)

Legislation Regulating Smoking Areas: A Selective Annotated Bibliography, June 1976, published by U.S.Dept.of Health, Education & Welfare, National Clearinghouse for Smoking & Health, Dec.1976, 23 p.

Checklist of Federal Documents on Watergate, Impeachment & Presidential Transition, 1973-1974, April 1975, 19 p., with Addenda and supplements (Aug. 1975, Dec. 1975, & Sept. 1976) [3] leaves attached at end.

Pathfinders & User Guides

"Law" (Rutgers University Libraries Research Guide) (September 2010 to March 2015)

"Internet Law Guide," (formerly maintained as "Subject Research Guides: Law," at Rutgers University Libraries site, Spring 2000 to Summer 2004, and on Rutgers-Newark Law Library site Fall 2004 to Spring 2013; present version at

"Legal History Pathfinder," (2007, revised 2012)

"Finding English Statutes & Cases & Selected 'Books of Authority' at the Rutgers-Newark Law Library," (2005, revised 2010)

"Criminal Justice: A Pathfinder to Legal Materials," (2004, revised 2010)

Reviews, Notes, & Miscellaneous

Contributor to NJLLA Lib-Log: News of Interest to New Jersey Law Librarians (May 26, 2010 to 2012?)

Articles on Joseph C. Hornblower, Robert N. Wilentz, and the New Jersey Lawyer newspaper, in Encyclopedia of New Jersey (2004).

New Jersey Case Law Currency Studies (1998-2002), gathered at

Consultant/contributor to Acronyms, Initialisms & Abbreviations Dictionary, Gale Research Company, 12th to 14th editions (1988-1990)

"Acronyms of Federal and Uniform Acts," Legal Reference Services Quarterly, 8:235-245 (1988)

Various notes in Documents to the People, 3(8):33-34 (Nov.1975), 5(1):20 (Jan.1977), 5(2):55 (Mar.1977), 5:219 & 5:249-250 (Nov.1977)

Book reviews: Government Publications Review, 2(4):374 (1975), 3(2):158 (1976), 3(3):225-227 (1976); Documents to the People, 4(3):75-76 (May 1976), 4(6): 16 (Nov.1976).


Session on New Jersey legislative research, in Legislative Research intensive course (Profs. Roehrenbeck & Lyons), spring 2007, 2009, 2010.

Session on legal research, in Foundations of Scholarship (Prof. Clarke), Rutgers School of Criminal Justice, fall 2001 and each fall 2003 to date.

Session on New Jersey resources, in Advanced Legal Research seminar (Prof. Roehrenbeck), Rutgers Law School, each spring 1998 to date.

Legal Bibliography course (for Rutgers School of Communication, Information, & Library Studies), 1978 to 1990.


New Jersey Law Librarians Association: Committee on Improving New Jersey's Legal Publications: Chair 1989-91; Government Affairs and Legal Information Committee: Chair 2003-04 to 2006-07, and active member, 2007-08 to date.

Rutgers School of Law, Newark: served on Public Interest Committee, 2004-06; Faculty Development Committee, 2008-11; Chair, Rules of Procedure Committee, 2010-11.

Government Documents Association of New Jersey: Vice-President (President-Elect) 1976-77 & President 1977-78.