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Richard II (1398)
Attributed to Adrian Beaunevene of Valenciennes, court artist to Charles V of France
Westminster Abbey
The oldest contemporary portrait of an English king, this image is painted on a panel that hangs in the nave of Westminster Abbey. It shows Richard in the robes in which he probably appeared at the Feast of St. Edward the Confessor, whom he particularly venerated. The portrait is dated to 1398: on April 29th of the same year, Richard arrived at Windsor and assigned to Mowbray and Bolingbroke a day for their trial by combat.

Elizabeth I

Youth & Coronation

The Princess Elizabeth from a family portrait c. 1545
Painted by an unknown artist
Now at Hampton Court Palace
Royal Collection © Her Majesty the Queen

The Princess Elizabeth, aged about 13 (1546)
Sometimes attributed to William Scrots
The Royal Collection at Windsor ©Her Majesty the Queen

A close-up of Elizabeth's face from the above portrait.

Woodcut of Princess Elizabeth as a prisoner in the Tower of London

Woodcut of the Princess Elizabeth and her sister Queen Mary

Elizabeth's Coronation Procession
The British Library

The Coronation Portrait
Probably a copy of a lost painting from 1559
Painted by an unknown artist
National Portrait Gallery, London
(Formerly in Great Hall of Warwick Castle)

The First Two Decades of Rule (1560-1580)

Elizabeth c. 1560
Painted by an unknown artist
National Portrait Gallery, London

Elizabeth at prayer
Frontispiece to Christian Prayers, 1569
Mansell Collection

A miniature of Elizabeth in 1572, at the age of 38
Painted by Nicholas Hilliard
National Portrait Gallery, London

"The Phoenix Portrait" c. 1575
Probably painted by Nicholas Hilliard
Oil on panel, 78.7 x 61 cm
National Portrait Gallery, London

"The Pelican Portrait"
Note the resemblance to the Phoenix Portrait (just above);
both of these images may be from the same pattern sketch.

Miniature of Elizabeth by Nicholas Hilliard (c. 1575-1580)
Case set with diamonds
Victoria and Albert Museum, London

"The Darnley Portrait"
Painted c. 1575 perhaps by Federigo Zuccaro
Oil on panel, 113 x 78.7 cm
National Portrait Gallery, London

A sketch of Elizabeth, c. 1575
By Federigo Zuccaro
The British Museum

The Procession of the Knights of the Garter
Engraved by Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder in 1576

"Elizabeth I out Hunting"
woodcut from "The Booke of Hunting"
The British Library

Elizabeth at a picnic
Woodcut from "The Booke of Hunting"
The British Library

Elizabeth playing the lute
Painted by Nicholas Hilliard c. 1580
The Bridgeman Art Library, London

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