Royal Images: Allegory & Self
Gallery 2

The 1580s & the Armada

Elizabeth with a sieve, a symbol of virginity, c. 1580.

The Ermine Portrait"
Painted in 1585 by Nicholas Hilliard
In the collection of the Marquess of Salisbury

A sketch of Elizabeth in the dress she wore to attend the
Thanksgiving celebration after the victory over the Armada
Sketched by an unknown artist, c. 1588
The Royal Library, Windsor Castle ©Her Majesty the Queen

The Armada Portrait
Painted by an unknown artist c.1588
Oil on panel, 97.8 x 72.4 cm
National Portrait Gallery, London

Another version of The Armada Portrait.
At Woburn Abbey.

A close-up of the crown from the Armada Portrait

A Miniature of Elizabeth, celebrating the victory over the Armada
Victoria and Albert Museum, London

The frontspiece of John Case's Sphaera Civitatis (The Spheres of Government), c. 1588.
Elizabeth is shown in one of the sets of coronation robes.

The End of the Reign (1590-1603)

Elizabeth from late in her reign

Elizabeth I with a fan
Royal Collection © Her Majesty the Queen

Elizabeth I
Painted by John Bettes the Younger
Hever Castle, Kent

Elizabeth I by an unknown artist
Note the close resemblance to the Bettes portrait (just above);
probably from the same pattern
Oil on panel, 95.3 x 81.9 cm
National Portrait Gallery, London

Either a pattern miniature or an unfinished miniature, probably from the 1590s

Elizabeth in 1592 and a close-up from the same portrait
Painted by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger
Oil on canvas, 241.3 x 152.4 cm
National Portrait Gallery, London

Elizabeth in procession to Blackfriars in 1600
In the style of Peake
In a private collection

The Rainbow Portrait (1600)
Attributed to Isaac Oliver
In the collection of the Marquess of Salisbury
On display at Hatfield House

Elizabeth near the end of her life

The funeral procession for Elizabeth, 1603
The British Library

The effigy from Elizabeth's tomb in Westminster Abbey

The tomb of Mary and Elizabeth
at Westminster Abbey.
The Latin translates: "Partners both in throne
and grave, here rest we two sisters, Elizabeth and Mary,
in the hope of one resurrection."

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