NEW!! Pfizer-Rutgers Colloquium - Oct 16, 2009

Office Hours: Wed 4:30PM-6:15PM. Room: 471 Hill.

Class blog (click here).

Computer Lab: ARC building - First floor.

Lecture 1. Sept 2 AT ARC lab 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Lecture 2. Sept 9: SAS basics. AT ARC lab 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM.
     Hospital Dataset
     Hospital with var names
     Crime Dataset
Lecture 3. Sept 16 R tutorial. (At ARC lab Room 118 6:30PM-9:30PM)
      Download R here
Lecture 4. Sept 23 (at regular classroom)
Lecture 5. Sep 30 (at regular classroom)
      L 5 Part 2
      Transformation for sym (SAS)
      Spread Vs level (SAS)
      Project I
Lecture 6. (Oct 7. At the computer lab)
Rhistory Oct 7
Lecture 7. Oct 14 at classroom
           New York municipalities data (nym.txt)
Lecture 8. Oct 21 at computer lab
           SAS code
Lecture 9. Oct 28 at classroom
      Group 1
      Group 2
      Group 3
      Group 4
      Group 5
      Group 6
      Group 7
      Group 8
      Group 9
      Group 10
      NJ ALL
      Dimension Reduction
Lecture 10. Nov 4 at computer lab. Report II

      SAS code for Report II
      Cygwin files
Note: cgywin.bat goes to the cgywin folder. goes to the bin folder.
Open Ggywin from desktop. Open ssh. In ssh go to Edit -> Settings -> Tunneling. Click on Tunnel X11 connection.
Connect to eden and type sas.

      Data Mining
Lecture 11. Nov 11 at classroom
      Code for starting with project III
      Dataset for project III
Lecture 12. Nov 18 At the computer lab
      Tree methods
Lecture 13. dec 2. Bootstrap
      R code Lecture 13. dec 2.
Lecture 14. dec 9. Final Report
      Cluster Analysis

Rcode from class for proj 3
The final report is due for ??

report guidelines


  Web Software for Data Anaysis


Free Software:      R for windows: For binaries click here



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