Multivariate Data Analysis

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Notes Linear Algebra
Notes 1 Word file
Notes 2 Word file
Notes 3 Word file
Clustering PPT file from class(pdf)
Notes 4 Word file
Notes 5 Word file
Notes 6 Word file
Notes 7 Word file

Assignment 1
Tutorial 2 Word file
Tutorial 3 Word file
Tutorial 4 Word file
Tutorial 5 Word file
Tutorial 6 Word file
Tutorial 7 Word file
Tutorial 8 Word file


Midterm Test Spring 09. Word file
Sample of questions for midterm
Midterm Test Spring 07. Word file
Data set for Midterm Spring 07. csv file to open from ggobi

Final Spring09: Word file
Khan data set for Final
ALL data set for Final You need to unzipit and read it into R with source("ALL")
Armstrong data set for Final
Credit data set for Final
Hospital data set for Final
Plastic explosives data set for Final
Realestate Prices Manhattan
report guidelines