Special topics: Statistical Consulting.

Course Material
List of Topics

1. Introduction to Statistical Consulting.
        SLIDES.         CASE STUDY.

Historical background,
the scientific method and 
the role of Statistics.
2. Statistical Consulting Environments.
Life Sciences: The drug developmnent process,
Biostatistics, Genetics.
Business, Government, and more.
3. Improving your Communication Skills.
1. How to write reports.
2. How to make effective presentations.
3. Using Power Point for presentations.
4. Persuasive communication.
4. Overview of computational tools:
       SLIDES        CASE STUDY      SAS code      Data
       R DEMO        SAS DEMO

5. Overview of Statistical methods
SLIDES        Hosp Sales SAS code      Data

EDA Notes
General Linear Models.       Modern Reg.
Multivariate Analysis
Bayesian methods
Case Studies

1. Case Study: (Chi-square Analysis)
Discrimination case.

2. Case Study: (Survey)
The case of the lost mail.

3. Case Study: (Regression Analysis)
Expenditures of  NY municipalities. See previous example

4. Case Study: (Time Series)
The AQI index.

5. Case Study: (Dose Response)
The flick tail study.

Data Minig

6. Case Study: (Multivariate)
 Shopping patterns of TV viewers.

7. Case Study: (Pattern Recognition)
X-ray detection of plastic explosives

8.  Case Study: (Market Research)
Sales of orthopedic equipment


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