The 1950s Captain America Adventures

Cap lost his own book in the 1940s because, once the war had ended, a patriot hero seemed almost quaint.  Sure, we were all flag-wavers during the war, but afterwards, with the international menace of the Axis beaten, why did we need a patriotic hero to beat up on local gangsters?  However, once the US started dealing with the "Communist Menace", Marvel thought they had a hook whereby they could sell the country Captain America again.  It didn't last.
Shanty Trucks The Betrayers Captain America #76
Captain America Strikes Captain America #76
Come to the Commies Captain America #76
You Die at Midnight Captain America #77
Man with No Face The Man with No Face Captain America #77
Mission to a POW Camp Captain America #77
Elektro His Touch is Death! Captain America #78
The Green Dragon! Captain America #78
The Hour of Doom Captain America #78
Red Skull II Back from the Dead! Young Men #24
Shika The Girl Who Was Afraid! Men's Adventures #27
Dr. Standish Captain America Turns Traitor! Young Men #26
Captain Saunders The Cargo of Death! Young Men #28
Executioner Top Secret! Young Men #25
Kag Kill Captain America! Men's Adventures #28
The Return of the Red Skull Young Men #27