Silver Age Hawkman Foes

I was organizing others' Micros by character and realized there were a fair number of interesting Hawkman villains which hadn't been done.  So I did some.

I'm not giving these the full "visual index" treatment, but for those who are wondering who these are...

Shadow-Thief: Can go into another dimension and send a shadow-form to Earth to steal. He'd been done before, but I thought I could do a better job. Still not quite right...
The Manhawks: Giant alien hawks with human masks with ray-beam eyes. Also had been done, but I tried to improve on it.
Xardoonians: Aliens who crashed in the Himayalas and became the Yeti. The stone axe is really a teleportation device.
Dragonfly Raiders: Byth the shape-changer is a major Hawkman foe. Here, he became the dragonfly and used android "riders" to hide his existence.
Men of Lansinar: Animal-headed survivors of a pre-human civilization. Tried to return Earth to the condition their race had known.
Super-Motorized Menace: thief with a gimmicky motorcycle.
The Tralls: Alien invaders who were weakened by the light of special sparklers.
Konrad Kaslak: modern Chaldean magician.
Lama: a suspect in the disappearance of Zatara the Magician. Just mentioned in passing, never really fought Hawkman.
Jan Kyll: thief from the future who used a device called the "human magnetor", which does what it sounds like.
Crocodile Men: Agents of the Criminal Alliance of the World who disguised themselves as Sebek-worshippers to spook superstitious Egyptians.
Makkar the Terravitan: last survivor of an semi-intelligent race evolved from life which started on land (thus "terravitan") rather than the sea. His race evolved into many forms over the eons, ending in this one. When Makkar awoke, he tried to wipe out the human race. Each time Hawkman beat him, he'd devolve into an earlier form and try again, until he finally came a sessile protoplasmic blob and was no longer a threat. Pretty cool concept for a comic. He's the real reason I wanted to do some Hawkman villains.
Master Electrician: caused various gadgets in Midway City to go haywire. When I found myself doing him, I realized I was obsessing on the minor villains and decided to stop.

Created January 25, 2011