A (Partial) Visual Index of Iron Man Comics

This began as a visual index for myself, using microheroes others had created.  But there were so many early villains which hadn't been done, I had to do them myself.  For the purposes of the web, I've left the (broken) links to images by others and only included the images I made (plus the covers for the issues in which they appeared, taken from comics.org, as usual).

There actually have been a few renditions of the Unicorn, but none that I can find of his original costume.
TOS_039Tales of Suspense #39, March 1963 "Iron Man is Born!"

Presumably you all know the origin story: Tony Stark goes to Viet Nam to show off some weapons, gets wounded and captured by guerrilla leader Wong-Chu, has to make chestplate to keep heart beating, helped in building crude suit of armor by Prof. Yinsen (who gives his life as a distraction), blows up Wong-Chu and makes his way home.
WongChuCJE.gif YinsenCJE.gif IronMan-TonyStark-Heck2.gif IronMan-gray-Timm.gif
Wong Chu Prof. Ho Yinsen Anthony Stark Iron Man (grey)

TOS_040Tales of Suspense #40, April 1963" "Iron Man Versus Gargantus!"

Stark's girlfriend du jour goes missing, so Iron Man tracks her down. Finds her and entire city she's in in a hypnotic trance, ruled by Gargantus, a giant Neanderthal.  He learns Gargantus is a robot with hypnotic eyes, so he tears it apart, and the invading aliens who built it flee in terror.
GargantusCJE.gif IronMan-Gold.gif
Gargantus Iron Man (gold)

TOS_041Tales of Suspense #41, May 1963 "The Stronghold of Doctor Strange!"

Mad scientist Doctor Strange hypnotizes Iron Man into helping him break jail. Iron Man wants to clear his name, so he goes after Strange.  Strange manages to drain most of IM's power, but Strange's daughter (who doesn't want to rule the world -- she just wants her dad's love) tosses IM a flashlight, and the D-cell batteries recharge him just enough.

Strange escapes, but he never returns. However, two months later, a different Doctor Strange appears in STRANGE TALES, and comics history is made.)  

I've always referred to this guy as "the evil Dr. Strange", since Stephen Strange became well-known, but now, I can't think that without also thinking of "the eevil Kabai Singh" from The Phantom movie.
Doctor Strange

TOS_042Tales of Suspense #42, June 1963 "Trapped by the Red Barbarian!"

There's always a couple of Commie warlords in these early Marvel stories. Iron Man's is The Red Barbarian. When RB's spies fail to get some of Stark's plans, an agent called The Actor offers to do it by impersonating Stark. He almost succeeds, getting to Russia with the plans and learning Stark is IM in the process, but Iron Man catches up, briefly imprisons him, goes to the Red Barbarian pretending to be The Actor in disguise, and sets Actor up for a fall. RB shoots the Actor when he next appears.

I didn't do The Actor because he's just a guy in a suit.
Red Barbarian

TOS_043Tales of Suspense #43, July 1963 "Iron Man Versus Kala, Queen of the Netherworld!"

Stark is kidnapped in a giant diamond, which passes through the ground to a subterranean domed city. It's The Netherworld, last remnant of sunken Atlantis (it says here, ignoring Sub-Mariner stories), ruled by Queen Kala, who wants Stark to develop a way to transport all their terrible weapons to the surface world for conquering purposes. As with Wong-Chu, Stark instead builds a suit of armor, and as Iron Man, he beats all the weapons and captures Kala. Taking her to the surface, they find that surface air causes Netherworlders to age rapidly, so he extracts a promise of peace from Kala and returns her home.
Queen Kala

TOS_044Tales of Suspense #44, August 1963 "The Mad Pharaoh!"

Iron Man is called in to help locate the tomb of Pharaoh Hatap, called "The Mad Pharaoh" because of his cruel ways and black magic. (No mention of Nyarlathotep, but thanks for asking.) The pharaoh's mummy is strangely well-preserved, and when Stark retires for the night, he finds the reanimated Hatap waiting for him.  Hatap had escaped his enemy, Queen Cleopatra, by putting himself into suspended animation for 2,000 years, but now he's back, and since Stark is a great inventor, he kidnaps him and travels back in time (using a magic charm), intending to have Stark build weapons for him. Stark escapes, endears himself to Cleopatra, and, as Iron Man, helps beat Hatap's army. Hatap dies while fleeing, and Iron Man uses the charm to return to 1963.
Mad Pharaoh

TOS_045Tales of Suspense #45, September 1963 "The Icy Fingers of Jack Frost!"
HappyHogan-TalesofSuspense45.gif  PepperPottsHogan-TalesofSuspense045.gif
Jack Frost "Happy" Hogan "Pepper" Potts

TOS_046Tales of Suspense #46, October 1963 "Iron Man Faces the Crimson Dynamo!"
Crimson Dynamo
Crimson Dynamo I

TOS_047Tales of Suspense #47, November 1963 "Iron Man Battles the Melter!"

TOS_048Tales of Suspense #48, December 1963 "The Mysterious Mr. Doll!"

Mister Doll has a magic African voodoo doll.  He shapes someone's features onto it, squeezes it (his original villain name was "Mister Pain"), and squeezes them for what he wants. He does the same when encountering Iron Man, who is at even more of a disadvantage because his heavy armor requires too much power for him to beat Mister Doll fast enough. So Stark redesigns the armor, and the first red-and-gold Iron Man is born. He also adds new gadgets and is able to beat Mr. Doll (never mind how -- it's cheesy).

I'd long wondered about Mister Doll. His story was never reprinted while I was growing up, although the new armor sequence from the story had been. I had to wait for Marv Wolfman to write Spider-Woman in the 1970s to learn about Mr. Doll, for he became Brother Grimm. The story's too long to recap here, but you can get it from the Marvel Handbook Appendix site.
MisterDollCJE.gif IronMan-Ditko.gif
Mister Doll Iron Man (visor)

TOS_049Tales of Suspense #49, January 1964 "The New Iron Man Meets the Angel!"
The X-Men
Angel Beast Iceman Cyclops Marvel Girl Professor X
Angel Beast Iceman Cyclops Marvel Girl Professor X

TOS_050Tales of Suspense #50, February 1964 "The Hands of the Mandarin!"

TOS_051Tales of Suspense #51, March 1964 "The Sinister Scarecrow"

TOS_052Tales of Suspense #52, April 1964 "The Crimson Dynamo Strikes Again!"
BlackWidow-NatashaRomanova-Heck.gif Crimson Dynamo
Black Widow Crimson Dynamo II

TOS_053Tales of Suspense #53, May 1964 "The Black Widow Strikes Again!"
TOS_054Tales of Suspense #54, June 1964 "The Mandarin's Revenge!"


TOS_055Tales of Suspense #55, July 1964 "No One Escapes the Mandarin!" Mandarin
TOS_056Tales of Suspense #56, August 1964 "The Uncanny Unicorn!"

TOS_057Tales of Suspense #57, September 1964 "Hawkeye, the Marksman!"
Black Widow IronMan-Kane.gif
 Iron Man (rivets)

TOS_058Tales of Suspense #58, October 1964 "In Mortal Combat with Captain America!"
Kraven the Hunter
Captain America

TOS_059Tales of Suspense #59, November 1964 "The Black Knight!" BlackKnight-NathanGarrett-Heck.gif
Black Knight

TOS_060Tales of Suspense #60, December 1964 "The Death of Tony Stark!"
Hawkeye Black Widow

TOS_061Tales of Suspense #61, January 1965 "Suspected of Murder!" Mandarin
TOS_062Tales of Suspense #62, February 1965 "The Origin of the Mandarin!" Mandarin
TOS_063Tales of Suspense #63, March 1965 "Somewhere Lurks the Phantom!"

The Phantom (or Phantom Saboteur, depending on how much caption space there was in a given panel) was blowing up things at Stark Industries. Iron Man kept tripping over himself when he tried to beat him (no explanations -- it was just to prolong the story), until the final encounter, when The Phantom was revealed to be a disgruntled Stark employee. This guy, too, never managed to return.
Phantom Saboteur

TOS_064Tales of Suspense #64, April 1965 "Hawkeye and the New Black Widow Strike Again!"
Black Widow

TOS_065Tales of Suspense #65, May 1965 "When Titans Clash!"

"Weasel Wills" is a common thief who stole IM's armor, forcing Stark to use the old clunky gold armor to get it back. But Wills was just another unmemorable guy in a suit, so I skipped him. *I* want an unmemorable guy in a *costume*!
Weasel Wills
TOS_066Tales of Suspense #66, June 1965 "If I Fail, A World is Lost!"
Sen. Byrd

TOS_067Tales of Suspense #67, July 1965 "Where Walk the Villains!"

Using a machine, the Dream-Master can induce dreams in anyone. But if you die in one of his dreams, you die in reality, too. He first softens IM up by having him dream of encounters with old villains. IM beats them easily and realizes it's a dream. This is supposed to make him over-confident, so that he won't try too hard later -- why knock himself out if it's only a dream? But in the later dream-encounter, Stark's competitive nature won't let him give up even to dream-foes, and he beats them all. The furious Dream-Master tries to throw even more old foes at IM, but he overloads the machine, and it blows up. (And a good thing for the readers, too. In these dreams, IM had already encountered most of his memorable old foes. What sort of challenge could a team of Doctor Strange, Mister Doll, Red Barbarian, The Phantom, and Kala provide?)

This story oddly says The Dream-Master is Count Nefaria, with a new gimmick. But nothing about The Dream-Master reminds one of Nefaria, other than they're both based in Europe. He has a different gimmick, a different base, and a completely different appearance. And in the very next issue, the old-style Count Nefaria appears, with no reference to this story! I suspect this guy was not originally intended to be Nefaria, and some post-production impulse of Stan's caused him to re-dialogue the story to make the change.

(Count Nefaria)
"Unicorn" "Crimson Dynamo" "Jack Frost" "Gargantus" "Melter" "Black Knight"

TOS_068Tales of Suspense #68, August 1965 "If a Man Be Mad!"

Morgan Stark, Tony's ne'er-do-well cousin, owes Big Bucks to Count Nefaria. Nefaria offers him a chance to square the debt by ruining cousin Tony. Morgan hates Tony anyway, so why not? Morgan's given devices to make Stark think he's seeing Little Green Men from Space. Stark unwisely says publicly "Hey! Little Green Men from Space!", and the press starts to say he's going bonkers. In Washington, Sen. Byrd uses this as an excuse to investigate Stark. Morgan sets Tony up for the final blow, but, wouldn't you know it, this is just the time *real* aliens choose to show up. And these are Big Green Men from Space -- from the Moon, actually. And since the Moon is popularly thought to be made of green cheese, the aliens are green and have names like Gouda and Edam. Stark becomes IM to beat them and has to rescue Morgan in the process, forcing Morgan to tell the press about the encounter and leading them to believe Tony had been seeing *these* Green Men from Space all along. Count Nefaria is not pleased with Morgan...

Count Nefaria
Count Nefaria
The Moon Men
Morgan Stark

TOS_069Tales of Suspense #69, September 1965 "If I Must Die, Let It Be With Honor!" TitaniumMan.gif
Titanium Man

TOS_070Tales of Suspense #70, October 1965 "Fight On! For a World is Watching!" Titanium Man
TOS_071Tales of Suspense #71, November 1965 "What Price Victory?"
Titanium Man Sen. Byrd Countess Stephanie de la Spiroza Iron Man (shellhead)

TOS_072Tales of Suspense #72, December 1965 "Hoorah for the Conquering Hero!"
Mad Thinker
Mad Thinker
Awesome Android
Countess Stephanie de la Spiroza

TOS_073Tales of Suspense #73, January 1966 "My Life for Yours!" BlackKnight-Garrett.gif
Black Knight

TOS_074Tales of Suspense #74, February 1966 "If This Guilt Be Mine--!" Freak
TOS_075Tales of Suspense #75, March 1966 "The Fury of... the Freak!"

TOS_076Tales of Suspense #76, April 1966 "Here Lies Hidden.. the Unspeakable Ultimo!"

TOS_077Tales of Suspense #77, May 1966 "Ultimo Lives!"

TOS_078Tales of Suspense #78, June 1966 "Crescendo!"
Mandarin Ultimo.gif

TOS_079Tales of Suspense #79, July 1966 "Disaster!"
Warlord Krang Dorma
Lady Dorma

TOS_080Tales of Suspense #80, August 1966 "When Fall the Mighty!"

TTA_082Tales to Astonish #82, August 1966 "The Power of Iron Man!"
Warlord Krang

TOS_081Tales of Suspense #81, September 1966 "The Return of the Titanium Man!"
Titanium Man

TOS_082Tales of Suspense #82, October 1966 "By Force of Arms!"
Titanium Man

TOS_083Tales of Suspense #83, November 1966 "Victory!"
Titanium Man

TOS_084Tales of Suspense #84, December 1966 "The Other Iron Man!"

Sen. Byrd IronMan-HappyHogan.gif
"Happy" Hogan/Iron Man

TOS_085Tales of Suspense #85, January 1967 "Into the Jaws of Death"


TOS_086Tales of Suspense #86, February 1967 "Death Duel for the Life of Happy Hogan!"


TOS_087Tales of Suspense #87, March 1967 "Crisis--at the Earth's Core!"
Mole Man
Mole Man

TOS_088Tales of Suspense #88, April 1967 "Beyond All Rescue!"

Mole Man

TOS_089Tales of Suspense #89, May 1967 "The Monstrous Menace of the Mysterious Melter!"

TOS_090Tales of Suspense #90, June 1967 "The Golden Ghost!"


TOS_091Tales of Suspense #91, July 1967 "The Uncanny Challenge of the Crusher!"
This Cuban scientist developed a ray to make a subject invulnerable by increasing its density. He presented it to Fidel Castro who, mistrustful, tested it on the scientist himself. When the scientist proved to be not only immune to rifle and cannon fire but a worse threat to Castro, he was sent to challenge Iron Man. The Crusher gained in size and strength as he apparently walked from Cuba to Long Island (okay, he was probably put ashoe somewhere, but we didn't get to see that part), where Iron Man, unable to beat him directly, hit him with a ray which increased his weight as well. The Crusher sank into the earth and disappeared... only to return a year or so later, after finding technology (from Hulk foe Tyrannus) which allowed him to return to his previous Crusher-state. In this fight, he fell into the sea and, too heavy to swim, presumably drowned.


TOS_092Tales of Suspense #92, August 1967 "Within the Vastness of Viet Nam!"

Half-Face appeared in one storyline in the late '60s. He was an evil Vietnamese scientist who accidentally blew himself up because he was thinking of his family. Scarred (at least, he thought so), he couldn't return to them, so he turned to Evil Science full-time for his Communist Masters. He resurrected the Titanium Man, intending to have TM wreck a Vietnamese village and have the damage blamed on American bombers, but, wouldn't you know it, his family happened to be in that village, and all the old feelings came back. He switched off TM and decided to work against Communism. And that was the last we saw of him until 1989, when he turned up to frame a "Top Ten Iron Man Villains" feature in an annual.

TOS_093Tales of Suspense #93, September 1967 "The Golden Gladiator and... the Giant!"

Titanium Man Half-Face

TOS_094Tales of Suspense #94, October 1967 "The Tragedy and the Triumph!"

Titanium Man Half-Face

TOS_095Tales of Suspense #95, November 1967 "If a Man Be Stone!"
GreyGargoyle01-Marvel-Urban.gif JasperSitwell-Tuska.gif
Grey Gargoyle Jasper Sitwell

TOS_096Tales of Suspense #96, December 1967 "The Deadly Victory!"
Grey Gargoyle Jasper Sitwell

TOS_097Tales of Suspense #97, January 1968 "The Coming of... Whiplash!"
The Maggia is the Marvel Comics version of the Mafia, a world-wide organized crime ring. Originally ruled by Count Nefaria, its current leader at this time is the shadowy "Big M", who holds court in a submarine below an off-shore casino cruise ship. Iron Man is caught in the middle of a battle between the Maggia and the criminal engineers A.I.M., and the ship/sub sinks. SHIELD agent Jasper Sitwell, assigned to guard Tony Stark, ends up helping the beautiful socialite Whitney Frost, escape. Only afterwards is it revealed that she is Big M, Count Nefaria's daughter. (Later, she is scarred and becomes the adventuress Madame Masque.)

Here's Whitney in a Big M jumpsuit worn only in IRON MAN #1.
Big M The Maggia Morgan Stark

TOS_098Tales of Suspense #98, February 1968 "The Warrior and the Whip!"


Whiplash Big M The Maggia S.H.I.E.L.D. Col. Nick Fury  "Dum-Dum" Dugan Gabe Jones

TOS_099Tales of Suspense #99, March 1968 "At the Mercy of the Maggia"


IMSM_1Iron Man and Sub-Mariner #1, April 1968 "The Torrent Without--The Tumult Within!"

A.I.M. Whiplash The Maggia Big M

IM1_001Iron Man, Vol. 1, #1, May 1968 "Alone Against A.I.M.!"
A.I.M. Mordius Whitney Frost/Big M

"The Origin of Iron Man"

Wong Chu Prof. Ho Yinsen

IM1_002Iron Man, Vol. 1, #2, June 1968 "The Day of the Demolisher!"

Demolisher Drexel Cord Janice Cord

IM1_003Iron Man, Vol. 1, #3, July 1968 "My Friend, My Foe... the Freak!"


IM1_004Iron Man, Vol. 1, #4, August 1968 "Unconquered is the Unicorn!"

IM1_005Iron Man, Vol. 1, #5, September 1968 "Frenzy in a Far-Flung Future!"


IM1_006Iron Man, Vol. 1, #6, October 1968 "Vengeance... Cries the Crusher!"

(Tyrannus) Crusher The Maggia

IM1_007Iron Man, Vol. 1, #7, November 1968 "The Maggia Strikes"

MaskedMarauder01.gif Daredevil
The Maggia Gladiator Big M Masked Marauder Daredevil

IM1_008Iron Man, Vol. 1, #8, December 1968 "A Duel Must End"

The Maggia Gladiator Big M Count Nefaria

IM1_009Iron Man, Vol. 1, #9, January 1969 "...There Lives a Green Goliath"

Hulk-robot Mandarin

IM1_010Iron Man, Vol. 1, #10, February 1969 "Once More... the Mandarin!"

IM1_011Iron Man, Vol. 1, #11, March 1969 "Unmasked!"
Mandarin Stark L.M.D.

IM1_012Iron Man, Vol. 1, #12, April 1969 "The Coming of the Controller"

IM1_013Iron Man, Vol. 1, #13, May 1969 "Captives of the Controller"

IM1_014Iron Man, Vol. 1, #14, June 1969 "The Night Phantom Walks"

The Night Phantom was Travis Hoyt, a bitter crippled author who resented Stark's bringing progress to his Haiti-analogue home. Actually, Hoyt had discovered a radioactive pool, where regular baths restored his mobility and gave him great strength (while scarring his skin, but you can't have everything). Nearby excavations for Stark projects had opened a crack under the pool, causing it to slowly seep away, so Hoyt became the Night Phantom, and set up loudspeakers of voodoo drums to bolster his claim to be a vengeful voodoo spirit who was wrecking the Stark sites. In their sole encounter, Hoyt was being beaten, so he jumped into the pool to rebuild his strength, but the vibrations from his own loudspeakers had weakened the rockbed even more, and he and the pool disappeared into a sudden chasm.

I always thought the Night Phantom was pretty cool-looking and should return, but no one else has agreed with me; his only "reappearance" was as an android copy during the Mister Kline storyline (which I'll probably cover at some future time).
Night Phantom

IM1_015Iron Man, Vol. 1, #15, July 1969  "Said the Unicorn To the Ghost"
Red Ghost Unicorn

IM1_016Iron Man, Vol. 1, #16, August 1969 "Of Beasts and Men"

Red Ghost Unicorn

IM1_017Iron Man, Vol. 1, #17, September 1969 "The Beginning of the End!"

Midas was an avaricious Aegean businessman who surrounded himself with golden things -- sort of like Goldfinger, but less mobile.  He was too fat to move without his jet-propelled chair.  His actual dramatic function in his first appearance was to provide a reason for Whitney Frost, the former leader of the Maggia, to become Madame Masque.  Midas supposedly died when he fell out of his chair in some story-terminal explosions and couldn't get up because the golden furnishing around him were too weak to support him.  (This was an Archie Goodwin story, so an ironic ending was required.)
As with Kala, I can't believe someone hasn't made a micro of this character already, but I couldn't find one.  Bill Mantlo later brought him back, thoughtfully providing him with an exo-skeleton, and way later, Kurt Busiek made him into a solid gold creature.  Maybe I'll do those versions some day, but here, at least, is one Midas to fill the void.   
MidasCJE.gif MadameMasque-Tuska.gif Tony StarkLMD
Midas Madame Masque Stark L.M.D.

IM1_018Iron Man, Vol. 1, #18, October 1969 "Even Heroes Die!"
Tony StarkLMD
MadameMasque-Tuska.gif Hydra
Stark L.M.D. Midas Madame Masque Hydra

IM1_019Iron Man, Vol. 1, #19, November 1969 "What Price Life??"

Madame Masque Midas Dr. Jose Santini

IM1_020Iron Man, Vol. 1, #20, December 1969 "Who Serves Lucifer?"

IM1_021Iron Man, Vol. 1, #21, January 1970 "The Replacement"
Crimson Dynamo III Iron Man III (Eddie March)

IM1_022Iron Man, Vol. 1, #22, February 1970 "From This Conflict, Death"

Titanium Man Crimson Dynamo III

IM1_023Iron Man, Vol. 1, #23, March 1970 "The Man Who Killed Tony Stark"


IM1_024Iron Man, Vol. 1, #24, April 1970 "My Son, the Minotaur"

Minotaur Doctor Vryolak Madame Masque

IM1_025Iron Man, Vol. 1, #25, May 1970 "This Doomed Land, This Dying Sea"

Blane Ordway Sub-Mariner

IM1_026Iron Man, Vol. 1, #26, June 1970 "Duel In a Dark Dimension"

Collector Shar-Khan Val-Larr

IM1_027Iron Man, Vol. 1, #27, July 1970 "The Fury of the Firebrand"

IM1_028Iron Man, Vol. 1, #28, August 1970 "The Controller Lives"

I did a page for my own use with some later comics, but that's not ready for public use yet. I did a few micros of villains from that time. For completeness's sake, here they are.
The Black Lama The Blood Brothers Demitrius (v1) Demitrius (v2) Mikas the Soulfather Slasher