The Monsters Reprinted in Chamber of Chills

Chamber of Chills 1
#1, November 1972

Moon of Madness, Moon of Fear! new Russell reverse werewolf
They Wait in Their... Dungeon! repr. MENC 1 Heath Warden Drury
Delusion for a Dragon Slayer! adaptation of Harlan Ellison story Shores Warren Glazer Griffin
Chamber of Chills2
#2, January 1973

The Monster from the Mound! adaptation of Robert E. Howard story Brunner Don Santiago de Valdez
Thirst! new Russell vampire
Spell of the Dragon! adaptation of John Jakes story Mayerik Brak the Barbarian; Valena; dragon
Chamber of Chills 3
#3, March 1973

The Thing on the Roof! adaptation of Robert E. Howard story Brunner Toad-Thing
All the Shapes of Fear! new Heck monster hand
The Girl Who Cast No Shadow new Chua Ningal
Chamber of Chills 4
#4, May 1973

The Opener of the Crypt adaptation of John Jakes story Brunner Fortunato's ghost
Pawn of the Devoured new Pike human-headed giant ant
The Demon from Beyond! new Chaykin Ludi
Chamber of Chills 5
#5, July 1973

The Devil's Dowry! new Pike Blood-Beast
Haunt and Run new Reinman ghost
It Can't Miss repr. JIM 1 ? Frankie Arno
A Tomb by Any Other Name new Shores vulture
Chamber of Chills 6
#6, September 1973

Somewhere under This Earth!! new Reinman creature from under the earth
Where There's a Will new Muramoto Harvey
A Sight for Sore Eyes repr. MT 109 ? Luther "Ol' Four Eyes" Cain
Chamber of Chills 7
#7, November 1973

Death Notice! repr. MYST 10 ? Judge Johnson's ghost
Prey for Keeps new Wilson werewolf
I Am the Prisoner of the Voodoo King! repr. JIM 82 Colan Voodoo King
Chamber of Chills 8
#8, January 1974

She Wouldn't Stay Dead! repr. MYST 6 ? Amanda Clark
I Wait in the Dungeon! reti. MT 117 ("Red Tape") Kweskin peasant prisoner
Jerry's New Job repr. MT 117 DiPreta Mr. Eblis
Terror in the North! repr. MT 117 Perlin Phillip Marsh
Chamber of Chills 9
#9, March 1974

The Man Who Changed repr. UT 11 ? Sidney the human guinea pig
I Can't Stop Running! repr. MYLT 11 ? Marty Sneed; Jasper Kane
One Who Dared repr. MYST 41 ? Junar
The Test! repr. MYST 41 Ayers intelligent hamsters
Chamber of Chills 10
#10, May 1974

The Lost City repr. JUW 17 ? Charro
Harry's Hideout repr. JUW 17 Hubbell Harry Ward
The Man Who Melted repr. AST 36 Eadeh Thor of Jupiter
Uncle Gideon's Gold repr. MT 117 Ravielli Bert Rogan
Mother Knows Best repr. MYST 23 Brodsky Gloria
Chamber of Chills 11
11, July 1974

Werewolf repr. MENC 3 Everett Matt Collins
The Torture Room repr. AIT 4 Rico Comdt. Siegfried Mauller
The Ghoul! repr. AWW 10 Carrabotta Ghoul
Back from the Dead! repr. TOS 28 Kirby Captain of the Stone Men

#12, September 1974

The Ice Monster Cometh repr. JUW 17 Colan Ice Monster
The Old Man's Secret! repr. AWW 6 Pike Jacob Abel
Beware… the Bees! repr. MYST 7 ? Casper Green
The Toy Train repr. MYST 25 Sale Uncle Jonas
Chamber of Chills 13
#13, November 1974

When the Creature Escapes repr. MYT 18 ? Sea Creature
Trapped By the Little Men! repr. AST 60 ? The Lilliputians
The Hex! repr. AIM 4 Heck Julia Hubbard
Missing Persons! repr. JIM 35 ? creatures from another reality
Honest Abe repr. MYT 29 ? G. B. Ferrick

#14, January 1975

Men with Fangs! repr. SUSP 25 Sinnott Were-Rats
Emily repr. MT 128 Tumlinson alien invader
Prophet of Doom! repr. ? Mooney Drew
I Come from the Shadow World! repr. TOS 7 Ditko Shadow Man

#15, March 1975

The Eyes! repr. AWW 2 ? The People with Eyes in the Back of Their Heads
The Witch of Landor repr. UT 7 Zoromely Witch of Landor
Rodeo! repr. MENC 3 Heath bull
I Was Locked in a... Haunted House! repr. UT 7 Maneely Hank Murdock's ghost

#16, May 1975

The Room without a Door repr. ST 5 ? Albitra Narrse
Masquerade Party repr. ST 83 Ditko Mysterious Guest
Do Not Feed! repr. AWW 9 DiPreta The Octopi
Chamber of Chills 17
17, July 1975

The Thing in the Locked Room repr. TOS 29 Heck ?
Mystery in Midville repr. UT 54 Forte ?
Once a Werewolf repr. AST 33? ? Werewolf
Good-Bye Forever repr. AIM 3 ? ?

18, September 1975

The Specimen repr. MYT 9 ? The Fish People
The Day Harrington Died repr. AST 11 ? Valulu
I Found Monstrom! The Dweller in the Black Swamp! repr. TTA 11 Kirby Monstrom

#19, November 1975

Look Out!! Here Come the ... Four-Armed Men! repr. TTA 26 Kirby The Four-Armed Men
Dream World! repr. TTA 26 Ditko dreamer
My Brother Must Die repr. MADV 21 Infantino Ivan, Yusoff, and Vladimir Petroff

#20, January 1976

Killer at Large! repr. MADV 24 ? Ellsworth Stanton
The Midnight Visitor! repr. MYST 57 Pakula Allen Jasper
Madness in the Morgue! repr. MADV 24 Ayers Joey Bolero

21, March 1976

Tidal Wave of Fear reti. VEN 18 Everett Venus
The Girl With the Evil Eyes repr. AST 63 ? Mabambu
Put Another Nickel In repr. COD 6 Ayers Jimmy Deparis

#22, May 1976

A Change of Mind! repr. COD 6 S. Buscema Nathaniel Blackstoke
The Face in the Mirror repr. MYST 6 ? Lucrezia Borgia
He Walked through Walls! repr. TTA 26 Kirby Stranger

23, July 1976

Where Walks the Ghost! <as> Where Lurks the Ghost! repr. TTA 25 Ditko Brent caretaker
The Men in the Morgue repr. AIT 28 Colan ?
Gorilla Man repr. MADV 26 Sale Gorilla Man
Bat's Tale! repr. MT 113 Heath ?

#24, September 1976
The Underground Gambit! repr. COTL 11 Trimpe Herbert T. Brimstone
The Man Who Isn't There repr. MT 113 DiPreta Marty Mallen
A Monster Waits Outside!! repr. TTA 12 Ditko Deep Space Hallucination

#25, November 1976
The Unbelievable Menace of Moomba <as> Moomba reti. TTA 23 Kirby Moomba
I Was Trapped on the Ghost Ship! repr. ST 72 Heck The Flying Dutchman