The Monsters Reprinted in Chamber of Darkness/Monsters on the Prowl

The Monsters on the Prowl reprint book began life as the original fantasy anthology Chamber of Darkness.  Reprints begin in COD early on, and the book changed titles as of #9 to reflect its new focus on the monster reprints from the 1950s and '60s.  This page covers both titles.  A try-out for a King Kull series, to accompany Marvel's surprise hit Conan, appeared in the book, but reprints dominated it.

#1, October 1969 
It's Only Magic! new, but based on ST 83 "Shandu" J. Buscema Djinn
Mr. Craven Buys His Scream House! new Sutton Creighton C. Craven
Always Leave 'Em Laughing! new Heck Boswell Boliver

#2, December 1969
Forewarned is Four-Armed! new, but loosely based on TTA 26 "Four-Armed Men" M. Severin Four-Armed Aliens
The Face of Fear! new Shores Freddy Garricks
The Day of the Red Death retelling of Edgar Allan Poe story Heck Rupert Griswold

#3, February 1970
The Warlock Tree! new Smith Moorg the Warlock
The Tell-Tale Heart retelling of Edgar Allan Poe story Palmer Claude Pane
Something Lurks on Shadow Mountain! new, but based on JIM 74 "Black Box" J. Buscema Pandora

#4, April 1970
The Monster! new Kirby Andreas Flec
The Man Who Owned the World! new Sutton Gregory Irkadin
The Sword and the Sorcerers! new Smith Starr the Slayer

#5, June 1970
And Fear Shall Follow! new Kirby U-2 pilot
The Music from Beyond! adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft story Palmer Erich Zann
The Beast from the Bog! new, but based on TOS 23 "Black Bog" Reinman Chalo of Nalrah

#6, August 1970
A Change of Mind! new S. Buscema Nathaniel Blackstoke
I Dared to Defy Merlin's… Black Magic! repr. ST 71 Ditko Merlin
Put Another Nickel In!!! new Ayers Jimmy Deparis

7, October 1970
Gargoyle Every Night new Wrightson Emil Vogel
I Found the Abominable Snowman! repr. TTA 13 Kirby Abominable Snowman
I Wore... the Mask of Drothor! repr. TTA 11 Ditko Drothor
Mastermind new Sutton ?

#8, December 1970 
I Am the Invisible! repr. TTA 15 Ditko Zuka the witch; Prof. Karlos Konak
Believe It… or Not! new Adkins Johnny Boone
A Thousand Years Later… repr. ST 90 Ditko Adam and Eve
The Beast That Walks Like a Man (was "The Thing in Human Form") reti. TTA #14 Heck Ogor the Martian; Zeno the Jovian
Monsters on the Prowl 9
#9, February 1970 
I Discovered Gorgilla! The Monster of Midnight Mountain! repr. TTA 12 Kirby Gorgilla
Desert Scream!! new Katz Neron-Alak
Kraggoom! The Creature Who Caught an Astronaut repr. JIM 78 Kirby Kraggoom
Monsters on the Prowl 10
#10, April 1970
I Brought the Roc to Life! repr. JIM 71 Kirby Roc
One Last Wish! new Heck Jay High
Monsters on the Prowl 11
#11, June 1971 
I Was a Slave of the Living Titan! repr. JIM 62 Kirby Xemnu
Escape! new Reese Jim Lowrey
Monsters on the Prowl 12
#12, August 1971 
I Defied Gomdulla--The Living Pharoah! repr. JIM 61 Kirby Gomdulla
When the Space-Beasts Attack! repr. TTA 29 Kirby The Space-Beasts
The Maiden and the -- Monster! new Sommers Sea Beast
Monsters on the Prowl 13
13, October 1971 
The Sandman Cometh! repr. JIM 70 Kirby Sandman
I Dared Enter the Haunted Forest repr. JIM 61 Heck Mr. Zorn
It Fell from the Flying Saucer! repr. TTA 31 Kirby alien pencil
The Thing from the Hidden Swamp! repr. TTA 30 Kirby Thing from Hidden Swamp
In the Shadow of Tragg -- He Who Walks Beneath the Earth! new Shores Tragg
Monsters on the Prowl 14
#14, December 1971 
The Return of the Titan! rewr. JIM 66 Kirby Xemnu
The Gypsy's Revenge! repr. TTA 25 Heck Old Gypsy
The Speed Demon repr. JIM 79 Ditko Speedy Simms
I Was Trapped by the Mole Men! repr. ST 73 Heck Mole Men [II]
The Voice from Nowhere! repr. TTA 23 Ditko Asteroid
The Man Who Played Dead! repr. JIM 79 Heck Dummy
Monsters on the Prowl 15
#15, February 1972 
The Thing Called... It! repr. ST 82 Kirby It
The Man from Mars! repr. JIM 68 Heck Luxurr
Terror of the Pterodactyl! new Shores Pterodactyl
Monsters on the Prowl 16
#16, April 1972 
The Forbidden Swamp new M. Severin King Kull; The Serpent-People; Thulsa Doom
Where Walks the Ghost? repr. AAF 11 Ditko Mr. Zero
Mister Morgan's Monster! repr. ST 99 Kirby Mister Morgan's Monster
Monsters on the Prowl 17
#17, June 1972 
I Created the Colossus! repr. TOS 14 Kirby Colossus [II]; The Cancrius III aliens
Island of Fear! (was "Island of Horror!") reti. AIT 11 Sinnott Ronstedt
Monsters on the Prowl 18
#18, August 1972 
Beware of ... Bruttu repr. TOS 22 Kirby Bruttu
The New Look repr. JIM 11 Loprino Old Nina
The Anatomy of a Nightmare! repr. TOS 22 Ditko The Wozuans
Monsters on the Prowl 19
#19, October 1972 
The Creature from the Black Bog! repr. TOS 23 Ditko Creature from Black Bog
Ed's Young Wife repr. AIT 11 Brown Jim the architect
The Changeling repr. JIM 86 Kirby John of Centaurius II
The Ghost Rode a Roller Coaster! repr. TOS 30 Kirby Walter Burke's ghost
Monsters on the Prowl 20
#20, December 1972 
Oog Lives Again! repr. TOS 27 Kirby Oog
The Dangerous Doll repr. JIM 63 Kirby Doll
I Made Time Stand Still repr. TTA  4 ? Sydney Burr
Enter... the Robot! repr. TOS 18 Ditko Mine Robot
Monsters on the Prowl 21
#21, February 1973 
The Martian Who Stole a City! repr. TOS 29 Kirby Martian (II)
Nothing Can Save Us! repr. TOS 29 Kirby Fire-Breathing Monster
The Drop of Water repr. MT 105 Colan universal solvent
In Little Pieces repr. MT 105 ? Ben Maijus
Monsters on the Prowl 22
#22, April 1973 
When the Monster Strikes! repr. ST 93 Kirby X-13
The Wax People! repr. ST 93 Ditko The Wax People of Xaccus
Less Than Human! repr. TTA 23 Heck Roby
Trapped in the Room of Shadows repr. ST 80 Ditko Sandford Kindwell
Monsters on the Prowl 23
#23, June 1973 
The Return of... Grogg! repr. ST 87 Kirby Grogg
He Kept Him in Stitches! repr. AIT 15 ? Commissar
The Macabre Mirror! repr. ST 87 Heck Carlotta the gypsy woman
Monsters on the Prowl 24
#24, August 1973 
This Is... Magnetor! repr. ST 84 Kirby Magneto (I)
Shangri-La repr. JUW 55 Everett Walter Grant
They Met on Mars! repr. ST 84, edited Ditko space travellers (S.H.I.E.L.D.; Hydra)
Monsters on the Prowl 25
#25, September 1973 
Colossus Lives Again repr. TOS 20 Kirby Colossus (II); The Cancrius III aliens
The One Who Watches! repr. SSOS 13 Colan Monster of the Lake; Ivan Von Gent
I'm Drowning! repr. JIM 4 Roussos? Pete Norris
Monsters on the Prowl 26
#26, October 1973 
The Two-Headed Thing!! repr. ST 95 Kirby Two-Headed Thing
I Spent a Night in a Haunted House! repr. JIM 80 Heck Cragstone House
Where? repr. AWW 5 Maneely Vampire of Rakusc
Do Not Panic! repr. ST 95 Ditko The Martians
Monsters on the Prowl 27
#27, November 1973 
Sserpo, the Creature That Crushed the World! repr. AA 6 Kirby Sserpo
Earth Will Be Lost Tonight! repr. ST 93 Kirby alien spy "Don Russell"
Monsters on the Prowl 28
#28, June 1974 
The Escape of... Monsteroso! repr. AA 5 Kirby Monsteroso
They're Driving Me Crazy! repr. AIT 14 Ayers "They"
Monsters on the Prowl 29
#29, August 1974
A Monster at My Window! repr. TTA 34 Kirby Monster at the Window
A Monster among Us repr. MYST 8 ? Monster of Monterey
The Spy repr. WOS 3 Walton Carg
The Joker! repr. AA 5 Ditko The Martians
Monsters on the Prowl 30
#30, October 1974 
I Saw Diablo! The Demon from the Fifth Dimension! repr. TOS 9 Kirby Diablo
The Strange Fate of the Statue Maker! repr. TTA 34 Kirby Luther Benedict
Only a Beast repr. MYST 6 ? Beast
The Little Men repr. UT 42 ? The Leprechauns