The Monsters of Strange Tales

I chose to begin with #67, which was technically published by Marvel's predecessor, Atlas,  because it's where the first stories by recognized "Marvel" artists Ditko, Heck, and Kirby appeared.  Plus, the "Adam Clayton" character is now officially part of the Marvel Universe.

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Story Title Pencil 
Monster, Villain, or Main Character
#67, February, 1959 Strange Tales 67
Trapped Between Two Worlds Ditko Jeff Raye; The Rojans
I Seek the Sea Serpent Heck Sea Serpent
I Was the Invisible Man! Kirby Adam Clayton
The Man Who Never Was  Forgione ?
#68, April 1959 Strange Tales 68
Last Warning-- Evacuate Earth Sinnott ?
The Creatures from the Bottomless Pit Ditko The Creatures from the Bottomless Pit
Test Pilot Kirby The Auriga Raiders
Next Stop -- Mars ? The Martians [III]
Trapped In Tomorrow  J. Buscema ?
#69, June 1959 Strange Tales 69
The Man in the Iron Box! Forgione Phineas Stokes
Rocket Ship X-200 Heck Charlie Brewster
Journey into Nowhere! Sinnott The Primitives
The World That Was Lost! Kirby Linus Vermeer
Threat from the 5th Dimension! Ditko The Dwellers in the Fifth Dimension
#70, August 1959 Strange Tales 70
A Giant Walks the Earth! Kirby Wilbur Fiske
Earth in Chains Reinman ?
Ghost Ship Forgione? ?
Escape to Tomorrow Reinman ?
When Wakes the Sphinx! Ditko Sphinx; Zokae and Okzik
#71, October 1959 Strange Tales 71
I Dared to Defy Merlin's -- Black Magic Ditko Merlin
I Am the Man Who Will... Destroy Your World! Heck Emperor Mool
When the Saucer Strikes! Reinman The Martians [IX]
I Fought the Man Who Couldn't Be Killed! Brodsky? robot policeman
I Am the Man without a Face! Sinnott The Black Hoods
#72, December 1959 Strange Tales 72
I Fought the Colossus! Kirby Colossus [I]
I Was Trapped on the Ghost Ship Heck The Flying Dutchman
I Am the Abominable Snowman! Reinman ?
I Saw the Elephant's Graveyard! Forte ?
I Entered the... Doorway to Doom! Ditko The Warriors of Dimension "Z"
#73, February 1960 Strange Tales 73
Grottu, King of the Insects! Kirby Grottu
I Saw the End of the World! Ditko Prof. Egen
I Was Trapped by the Mole Men! Heck The Mole Men [I]
I Am a Walking Time Bomb! Reinman ?
#74, April 1960 Strange Tales 74
Gorgolla! The Living Gargoyle!! Kirby Gorgolla
Beware the Hands of Hundu Heck Hundu
I Was Trapped in the Nightmare World Reinman ?
When the Totem Walks! Ditko Totem
#75, June 1960 Strange Tales 75
Taboo! The Thing from the Murky Swamp! Kirby Taboo
The Return of the Totem! Ditko Totem
Doomsday! Reinman ?
I Made the Hulk Live Heck Albert Poole; Hulk [II]
#76, August 1960 Strange Tales 76
I Am Dragoom! The Flaming Invader! Kirby Dragoom
Beware!! The Ghosts Surround Me!! Heck the dimensional aliens
The Dummy and Me! Reinman a ventriloquist
I Found the Mad Universe! Ditko Prof. Dark
#77, October 1960 Strange Tales 77
The Return of Taboo! Kirby Taboo
I Am the Beast-Man! Heck Amos the man-dog
The Strange Magic of Master Khan! Ditko Master Khan
Am I the... Unhuman? Reinman Gideon Burr
#78, November 1960 Strange Tales 78
A Martian Walks among Us! Kirby Martian shapechanger
The Fantastic Menace of Mento the Mighty Heck Mento; Gorosaur
The Gargoyle! Reinman the handsome aliens
Worm Man Ditko Worm Man
#79, December 1960 Strange Tales 79
I Was in the Clutches of the Living Shadow! Kirby Warlord Kaa
Ghost of Grismore Castle! Ditko Victor the ghost
I Found the Perfect Hiding Place! Reinman ?
The Thing on the Moon Heck Thing on the Moon
#80, January 1961
What? What? What Was Gargantus? Kirby Gargantus
The Things from Dimension X! Heck The Electrans
The Door They Dare Not Open! Reinman ?
Trapped in the Room of Shadows Ditko Sandford Kindwell
#81, February 1961  Strange Tales 81
The Scarecrow Walks Kirby Scarecrow [I]
A Giant There Was! Heck ?
I Went Too Far Back! Reinman ?
The Thing in the Cell! Ditko Leader [I]
#82, March 1961 Strange Tales 82
The Thing Called... It! Kirby It
The World Beyond Ditko Professor and Crackers
Fangs of the Monster Heck Sea Monster
#83, April 1961 Strange Tales 83
From Out of the Black Pit Came Grogg! Kirby Grogg
Masquerade Party Ditko Mysterious Guest
The Menace of Shandu! Heck Shandu
#84, May 1961 Strange Tales 84
Magneto Kirby Magneto
Twelve Silent Men! Reinman ?
They Met on Mars Ditko space travellers
#85, June 1961 Strange Tales 85
The Return of Gargantus! Kirby Gargantus
The Man Who Fell! Reinman Katrina the gypsy
The Ape Man Ditko Ape Man [II]
#86, July 1961 Strange Tales 86
I Created Mechano! Kirby Mechano; The Alien Horde
The Secret of Georgie's Globe Ditko Georgie
Beware of Meeks Bringing Gifts! Kirby The Meeks
#87, August 1961 Strange Tales 87
The Return of... Grogg! Kirby Grogg
The Lighthouse from Nowhere! Ditko The War Armada
The Macabre Mirror! Heck Carlotta the gypsy woman
#88, September 1961 Strange Tales 88
Zzutak, the Thing That Shouldn't Exist! Kirby Zzutak
The Lifeless Man! Ditko a wooden soldier
Punishment! Heck Urru of Phato III
#89, October 1961 Strange Tales 89
Fin Fang Foom! Kirby Fin Fang Foom
The Green Things! Ditko Martin Kastle's plants
The Touch of Midas! Reinman Simon Kluge
#90, November 1961 Strange Tales 90
Never, Never Before Was There a Menace Like... Orrgo... the Unconquerable! Kirby Orrgo
A Thousand Years Later... Ditko ?
The Inhuman! Heck X-35 [I]
Germ Warfare Reinman Molitis Germ
#91, December 1961 Strange Tales 91
The Sacrifice! Kirby Plant-Thing
The Coming of the Giants Reinman giant aliens
The Mask of Morgumm! Heck Morgumm
The Warning! Ditko "statue" aliens
#92, January 1962 Strange Tales 92
The Thing Hunts for Me! Kirby Hunting Thing
The Man Who Shrunk the World Kirby Roderick Kane
Somewhere Sits a Lama Heck ?
Inside the Flying Saucer! Ditko The Martians [XXI]
#93, February 1962 Strange Tales 93
When the Thing Runs Amok! Kirby X-13
Earth Will Be Lost Tonight! Kirby "Don Russell"
Mister Black Heck Mister Black
The Wax People! Ditko The Wax People of Xaccus
#94, March 1962 Strange Tales 94
I Was a Decoy for Pildorr, the Plunderer from Outer Space! Kirby Pildorr
Save Me from the Weed! Kirby Weed
He Came from Nowhere! ? ?
Help! Ditko "Tele-Phony"
#95, April 1962 Strange Tales 95
The Two-Headed Thing!! Kirby Two-Headed Thing
What Will Happen to Mankind If... The Monster Escapes Kirby Escaped Monster
The Cave of Shaggdorr! Heck Shaggdorr
Do Not Panic! Ditko The Martians [XXIII]
#96, May 1962 Strange Tales 96
I Dream of Doom! Kirby Dream-Creature
The Impossible Tunnel! Kirby Underground Octopus
Beware the Future Man! Heck man from the year 3,000
The Clock-Maker! Ditko clockwork man
#97, June 1962 Strange Tales 97
When a Planet Dies! Kirby The "Cosmic Elders"; Rackozo Roor
The Madness! Kirby Keeper of the Asylum
Goodbye to Linda Brown Ditko Linda Brown; Uncle Ben (Parker); Aunt May (Parker) (no last names given but identical in apperance to Spider-Man characters)
Behind the Dreadful Door! Colan The Dimension X artists
#98, July 1962 Strange Tales 98
No Human Can Beat Me! Kirby Gladiator Alien
They Vanished Forever! Ayers The Flying Dutchman's Crew
The TV Fan! Heck ?
A Fortune in Beans Ditko ?
#99, August 1962 Strange Tales 99
Mister Morgan's Monster! Kirby Mister Morgan's Monster
The Day before Doomsday Kirby Premier Zorkon
The Man in the Glass Cage! Heck Joe Phelps
A Switch in Time! Ditko Karl Kargon
#100, September 1962 Strange Tales 100
The Man in the Crazy Maze Kirby Fate
The Imitation Man Kirby Carlos Zarago
Beware the Uboongi! Heck The Uboongi
The Mighty Oak! Ditko mutated oak
Annual #1, 1962 Strange Tales Annual 1
I Found the Giant in the Sky repr. JIM 55
I Know the Secret of the Poltergeist repr. TTA 1
I Saw the Invasion of the Stone Men! repr. TTA 6
I Come from the Shadow World! repr. TOS 7
I Saw Diablo! The Demon from the Fifth Dimension! repr. TOS 9
A Martian Walks among Us! repr. ST 78
Beware!! The Ghosts Surround Me!! repr. ST 76
Grottu, King of the Insects! repr. ST 73
He Waits for Us in the Glacier repr. TTA 7
I Became a... Human Bomb repr. TTA 6
The Stranger from Space repr. JIM 53
I Saw the Serpent That Saved the World repr. JIM 55
I Unleashed Shagg upon the World repr. JIM 59
#101, October 1962 Strange Tales 101
The Human Torch Kirby Human Torch; Destroyer [I]
The Impossible Spaceship  Heck ?
What is X-35?  Ditko X-35 [II]
#102, November 1962 Strange Tales 102
Prisoner of the Wizard Kirby Human Torch; Wizard
The Treasure  ? ?
Who Needs You?  Ditko ?
#103, December 1962 Strange Tales 103
Prisoner of the 5th Dimension! Kirby Human Torch; Zemu
The Little People  Heck ?
Jasper's Jalopy  Ditko ?
#104, January 1963 Strange Tales 104
The Human Torch Meets Paste-Pot Pete! Kirby Human Torch; Paste-Pot Pete
Markham's Magic Crayon  Reinman ?
The Frog-Man  Ditko King Zakkim
#105, February 1963 Strange Tales 105
The Return of the Wizard! Kirby Human Torch; Wizard
Man Alone  Heck ?
The Supernatural  Ditko ?
#106, March 1963 Strange Tales 106
The Threat of the Torrid Twosome Kirby Human Torch; Acrobat
Man on a Scaffold Ditko ?
The Mystery of the Purple Planet Reinman ?
#107, April 1963 Strange Tales 107
Sub-Mariner Kirby Human Torch; Sub-Mariner
Secret Weapon  Leiber ?
The Treasure of Planetoid 12  Ditko Charlie Nast
#108, May 1963 Strange Tales 108
The Painter of a Thousand Perils! Kirby Human Torch; Wilhelm Van Vile
The Silent Giant  Leiber redwood tree
The Iron Warrior  Ditko Merlin; Sir Mogard; Black Knight
#109, June 1963 Strange Tales 109
The Sorcerer and Pandora's Box Kirby Human Torch; Sorcerer I
Earth is Off-Limits  Ditko ?
Time Was… Leiber ?
#110, July 1963 Strange Tales 110
The Human Torch vs. the Wizard and Paste-Pot Pete! Kirby Human Torch; Wizard; Paste-Pot Pete
We Search the Stars! Leiber ?
Dr. Strange, Master of Black Magic! Ditko Dr. Strange; Nightmare
#111, August 1963 Strange Tales 111
Fighting to the Death with the Asbestos Man! Kirby Human Torch; Asbestos Man
Beware the Machine Leiber ?
Face-to-Face with the Magic of Baron Mordo! Ditko Dr. Strange; Baron Mordo
#112, September 1963 Strange Tales 112
The Living Bomb! Kirby Human Torch; Eel
The Man Who Dared Ditko ?
I Saw the Impossible World Leiber ?
#113, October 1963 Strange Tales 113
The Coming of the Plantman! Kirby Human Torch; Plantman
The Search for Shanng Leiber ?
The Shoemaker's Strange Assistants Ditko ?

In #114, the Dr. Strange series returned to take over the rest of the book, ending the non-superheroic strange tales.

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