Space Ghost MicroHeroes

The Original Season (1966)

The stars of the series Space Ghost Jan Jace Blip

1-1, AX01: "The Heat Thing" A creature of molten lava traps Jace on Jupiter (according to the story).  Space Ghost seals the monster in a crater.

The Heat Thing

3-1, AX02: "The Web" An escaped captive tells Space Ghost how the Black Widow forces prisoners to battle her Tarantapods in an arena on Teelus.  Space Ghost puts an end to the cruel games. (Occurs right after AX04.)
Web Captive

The Black Widow

The Tarantapods

1-2, AX03: "Zorak" After his Mantis-Men free him from Omegan Prison,  Zorak kidnaps Jan and Jace to lure Space Ghost into a trap.

The Mantis-Men


2-2, AX04: "The Lizard Slavers" Jan and Jace are captured by a slavery ring which Space Ghost has been hunting.

The Lizard Slavers

4-2, AX05: "The Sandman" Investigating people missing in a desert, Jan and Jace are captured by the Sandmen and hypnotised into trapping Space Ghost. They overcome the spell and free Space Ghost, who puts an end to the Sandman's plot.

The Sandmen

The Sandman

2-1, AX06: "Creature King" Mechanical problems force Jan and Jace's ship onto a planet, where the Creature King objects to their presence.
Space Ghost flies to the rescue.

The Creature King

Giant Scaly Ape

7-2, AX07: "The Evil Collector" The Collector shrinks his captives and allows his pet, Drakto, to hunt them.   When he tries to do the same to Space Ghost, the tables are turned, and a shrunken Collector must flee from his own pet.

Jovian Victim

The Collector

5-1, AX08: "The Robot Master" Metallus's robot armada captures the Ghost Planet, but he finds holding onto Space Ghost's base is harder to achieve.


4-1, AX09: "The Drone" A mysterious figure plants a device in the Phantom Cruiser which steals the ship. Space Ghost follows it to the Black Planet, where he must fight his own ship.

The "Weirdo Pilot"

6-1, AX10: "Hi-Jackers" Jan and Jace follow a freighter being hijacked. 
They manage to capture some of the hijackers, but Space Ghost is needed to deal with the leader.

Freighter Pilot



3-2, AX11: "Homing Device" Metallus captures Space Ghost, but Jan and Jace use a homing device to track and free Space Ghost.


10-1, AX12: "The Iceman" Beginning his plan to become Emperor of the Universe, Zeron uses an ice ray to cut off the Ghost Planet from its sun.
Space Ghost traces the ray to Zeron's planet, where he uses the molten core to destroy the ray.

Zeron the Iceman

The Snowmen

5-2, AX13: "The Energy Monster" Dr. Sunev accidentally creates a monstrous life form.
Only by using all his powers at once is Space Ghost able to destroy it.

Dr. Sunev

The Energy Monster

6-2, AX14: "The Lure" Brak kidnaps Jan as insurance to keep Space Ghost from stopping his raid on a gold duraxite shipment.



7-1, AX15: "The Schemer"  Rogue attack cruisers are a trap by The Schemer to send Space Ghost into a super- nova. Blip helps him escape, and Space Ghost makes The Schemer a prisoner of his own Destroyer Monster

The Schemer

Destroyer Monster

9-1, AX16: "The Cyclopeds" Zealously guarding his planet, the isolationist Cyclo tricks the stranded Jan and Jace into his Maze of Horror. Space Ghost must rescue them.


8-1, AX17: "Lokar — King of the Killer Locusts" Lokar has created metal-eating space locusts, and now is increasing their size ten times.


9-2, AX18: "Space Sargasso" In a "Sargasso Sea of Space", Lurker captures ships with his purple sleep mist.
He also captures Space Ghost but, in trying to hold him, falls victim to his own mist.



8-2, AX19: "Brago" Utan escapes his besieged colonial compound to seek Space Ghost's help against the raider, Brago.


Brago's Bandits


Utan's Father

Utan's Mother

14-2, AX20: "Revenge of the Spider Woman" The Black Widow, now called the Spider Woman, returns,
using the Lizard Slavers to kidnap Jan and Jace to her underwater lair.

The Spider Woman

The Lizard Slavers

Captain of the Lizard Slavers

11-1, AX21: "Space Birds" Metal birds are destroying communication satellites, in a plot to have their controller rule the galaxy.

Master of the Space Birds

11-2, AX22: "Attack of the Saucer Crab" Rob-Cor, unseen ruler of the galaxies, sends a probe into Space Ghost's galaxy and kills an outpost guard. 
Space Ghost must destroy the probe before it can return with its data.

Outpost Guard

The Saucer-Crab

12-1, AX23: "Nightmare Planet" Dr. Nightmare will free Jan and Jace if Space Ghost allows himself to be captured. The mad scientist wants to put Space Ghost's brain into his Super-Mechanical Creature.

Dr. Nightmare

Super-Mechanical Creature

10-1, AX24: "The Time Machine" Jace's time machine invention transports the twins to Earth's past, where Space Ghost must fight a Viking captain to keep them all from becoming slaves.

Tarko the Terrible

12-2, AX25: "Space Armada" Metallus taunts Space Ghost with his armada of metal men, each programmed for a special task. While Space Ghost is fighting the metal men, Jan and Jace steal aboard Metallus's ship and immobilize him.


13-2, AX26: "The Challenge" Zorak challenges Space Ghost to defeat his champion, Titanor, which has all of Space Ghost's powers. Titanor is winning, when Jan and Jace learn Zorak has substituted weaker power bands for Space Ghost's. With the real power bands returned, Titanor is easily, and literally, beaten.



14-1, AX27: "Jungle Planet" The Mind-Taker increases his own intellect by stealing others'.
His Crab-Creatures' capture of Prof. Cordac leads Space Ghost to his base beneath a jungle swamp, and when Space Ghost rescues the Professor and escapes, the inrushing water causes an explosion.

The Mind-Taker

The Crab-Creatures

Professor Cordac

13-1, AX28: "Ruler of the Rock Robots" Zorgat lures Jan and Jace onto his asteroid in order to bargain with Space Ghost to team with him. When Space Ghost refuses, Zorgat's army of rock robots attack.


The Rock Robots

15-1, AX29: "The Space Ark" The Creature King collects creatures in a space ark to attack Jupiter. 
Space Ghost forces the ark onto uninhabited Zetor, avoids the creatures, and breaks the Creature King's helmet. The freed creatures are turned into a zoo.

The Creature King

Giant Scaly Ape

15-2, AX30: "Glasstor"


Glass Guard

16-2, AX31: "The Space Piranhas"


Piranhor's Gang

16-2, AX32: "The Sorcerer" The Sorcerer challenges Space Ghost to a duel:
Space Ghost's power bands against The Sorcerer's magic.

The Sorcerer

The Cyclops

17-1, AX33: "The Ovens of Moltor" Moltor has learned how to create robots and ships out of molten lava.
Space Ghost must defeat Moltor's invasion force before it launches.


The Molten Men

17-2, AX34: "Transor -- the Matter Mover" Transor uses a teleportation device to capture specimens for his own personal zoo. 


18-1, AX35: "The Looters"



Alien Pilots

18-2, AX36: "The Gargoyloids" The Gargoyloids, primitive inhabitants of a rogue planet try to sacrifice Space Ghost to their idol.

The Gargoyloids

For the second season of Space Ghost, Hanna-Barbera wanted to use Space Ghost's popularity to direct viewers to some of their other series.  Yes, they invented the crossover for TV cartoons. As part of a six-part "Council of Doom" storyline, six of Space Ghost's most popular villains teamed up against him. Various traps sent Space Ghost to parts of the galaxy occupied by the crossover characters. So Space Ghost went to Earth where he met Tom, Tub, and the giant whale Moby Dick; to the planet Amzot, where he met The Herculoids;  and back in time, where he met The Mighty Mightor in the prehistoric past, and the "time of the Arabian Nights", where he met Chuck, Nancy, and the genie Shazzan. This was also the first time any Space Ghost episodes ended in cliffhangers (though H-B had previously used cliffhangers in their Frankenstein Jr. series).
19-1, AX37: "The Meeting" The Council of Doom swears vengeance against Space Ghost. Metallus's robot armada drives Space Ghost and associates off of the Ghost Planet and causes the Phantom Cruiser to crash on another planet.  The Creature King sends a monster to crush the Cruiser and its occupants.


The Creature King


19-2, AX38: "Clutches of Creature King"

Lava Monster

19-3, AX39: "The Deadly Trap"

20-1, AX40: "The Molten Monsters of Moltar"


20-2, AX41: "Two Faces of Doom"

20-3, AX42: "The Final Encounter"

The Sultan of Flame

A Note on Similarities

"Okay," you say, "I can understand why the Lizard Slavers and their Officer, or Zorak and his Mantis-Men, might look alike.  But why do the Collector and Dr. Sunev resemble each other?  Or The Lurker and Piranhor?  Or the Heat Thing and the Lava Creature?  Did you just get lazy?" I suppose the ultimate answer is, yes, I did. I could have redrawn each figure from scratch but chose instead to modify some figures to become others.  On the one hand, this is what MicroHeroes are all about: using existing templates as starters and adding unique features to make individual figures.  On the other hand, it was really Hanna-Barbera that got lazy.  In the original cartoons, they often chose to use the same model sheets for the main villain and his henchmen, as with Zorak and his Mantis-Men. For some reason, they also chose to re-use some designs for unrelated characters, such as The Lurker and Piranhor.  They also changed names (Black Widow became Spider Woman) and color schemes (Moltar) between appearances of the same character for reasons known only to themselves.  So I chose to follow the same methods in developing my MicroHeroes.

Space Stars

Space Ghost was revived in the 1980s in this anthology program, which also featured new adventures of The Herculoids (another popular series from the '60s) and a new series involving the Teen Force: Moleculad, Electra, and Kid Comet.  The latter two guest-starred in a couple of the Space Ghost stories.

Whereas the original Space Ghost characters were all designed by Alex Toth, these characters appear to have been designed by Jack Kirby.


The Remora

The Shark-Men

Forvalokka the Soul Vampire

The Sorceress
Uglor Guards

Monkey Mayor
Monkey Female

Dr. Contra

Antimatter Man
The Reptilians
a Starfly
the Star Beast


The Toymaker

The Toymaker

Space Spectre

The Wizard


The Commander

The Shadow People

Citizen in Space
Lord Ibal

Eclipse Woman

The Wizard


The Time Master

The Cougar