Chris Jarocha-Ernst's MicroHeroes

MicroHeroes are bobblehead-proportioned drawings, mainly of super-heroes. You start with a basic template, then add features, clothing, etc. Some people have moved to more human-proportioned templates, but I have a more cartoony style and prefer the bobbleheads. (The enlarged head allows more detail to faces.)

They began on a Yahoo group but have mainly migrated to a forum. You can also find DC and Marvel characters on Wikia.

These are the collections of microheroes I've done over the years. In many cases, I only did characters which no one else had yet done, or which struck my fancy, but in others, I've obsessively tried to do all the characters. Many of these pages are now "visual indexes", where I include the comic cover and a synopsis of and comments on the story.

Silver Age Aquaman a visual index to 1940s Batman  selected Batman villains from the 1940s selected Batman villains from the 1950s selected Batman villains from the 1960s a visual index to 1940s Captain America villains from the Daffy Duck cartoon "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery"

Doctor Strange A few monsters from the Fantastic Four (coming soon) Silver Age Flash foes

a visual index to Silver Age Green Lantern

Silver Age Hawkman A few Hulk foes 1960s Iron Man

1958-63 Marvel Monsters a visual index to DC's Metal Men The Golden Age Plastic Man The 1968 Phantom Stranger 1969's Scooby Doo cartoon a visual index to 1968's Shazzan cartoon A visual index to 1967's Space Ghost cartoon

Superman foes from the Golden Age Superman foes from the Silver Age Superman foes from the Bronze Age a few giants from Thor comics


Chris Jarocha-Ernst