Diti Bhadra

I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Rutgers Department of Linguistics. My primary interests lie at the syntax-semantics interface, with a focus on South Asian languages.

My ongoing dissertation research deals with the syntactic and semantic questions surrounding epistemic modals and evidentials, specifically with respect to their relationship with different speech acts and doxastic domains.

My dissertation committee: Dr. Mark Baker (co-chair), Dr. Veneeta Dayal (co-chair) and Dr. Anthony Gillies.

My name might appear hard to pronounce, due in no small part to two dental stops with a voicing contrast separated by a short vowel. I appreciate you trying: [d̪ɪt̪ɪ bʰɑdɹɑ], or, for the particularly adventurous, the authentic Bengali pronunciation: [d̪ɪt̪ɪ bʰɔd̪ˈɹo].