Diti Bhadra [d̪ɪt̪ɪ ˈbʰɑdɹɑ]

I am a Lecturer at the Department of Linguistics at Harvard University.

I recently graduated from the Rutgers Department of Linguistics with a Ph.D. in Linguistics and a Certificate in Cognitive Science.

My dissertation (co-chaired by Mark Baker and Veneeta Dayal) dealt with questions (alternative, polar, split, biased) and evidentials at the syntax-semantics-pragmatics interfaces, with a focus on South Asian languages.

My primary interests lie in exploring the abstract representations of structure and meaning with respect to perspective-sensitivity, epistemic and doxastic domains, speech acts, bias, finiteness, disjunction, alternatives, and ellipsis. I am also interested in typology and neurolinguistics, especially in investigating the cross-linguistic predictions of linguistic theories and the cognitive and neural aspects of language processing.

Email me at: ditibhadra@fas.harvard.edu