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  • Faculty Positions: Watershed Ecology, Wildlife Conservation

    The Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources is currently seeking applicants for two faculty openings, one in Water Resources and Watershed Ecology and the other in Wildlife Biology and Conservation. The position in Water Resources and Watershed Ecology has been made possible by a generous gift from the Johnson Family Foundation and is to be filled at the rank of tenured full Professor. The successful candidate will address challenges of large-scale aquatic systems spanning rural to urban gradients, such as the Raritan River watershed of central New Jersey, which leads through the campus of Rutgers University in New Brunswick. The Wildlife Biology and Conservation position will have academic as well as extension responsibilities. The department is particularly interested in recruiting a wildlife biologist focusing primarily on native or non-native wildlife species in New Jersey.

  • Climate Change, Rising Sea Level, Urban Ecology of Jamaica Bay

    Four members of the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources will be addressing impacts of climate change and rising sea level on coastal urban ecology in Jamaica Bay. Dr. Marci Meixler, in collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Society, Cornell University and economists at Rutgers-Newark, will model climate resiliency in the Jamaica Bay ecosystem, evaluate system responses to adaptation and restoration strategies, and identify sources of vulnerability. In the second project, Drs. Handel, Kaunzinger, Aronson, and Meixler will assess Hurricane Sandyís impact on coastal vegetation and related ecosystem services, predict responses of coastal vegetation to climate change, and evaluate opportunities for ecological resilience using an experimental program to test the potential for habitat migration during sea level rise. These projects are funded by Department of Interiorís Hurricane Sandy Mitigation Fund, managed by the National Park Service and coordinated by consortium known as the Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica Bay. READ MORE


About Us

Our interdisciplinary department specializes in ecology, evolution, and natural resource conservation. We study the evolutionary origins and maintenance of biodiversity, conserving and restoring native ecosystems, and issues of global change such as managing natural resources within urban ecosystems.


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