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Boats in the Phillippines © Malin PinskyClownfish © Malin PinskyBrooke Maslo (right) and student Eden Buenaventura banding a bat

News and Events

  • Pinsky and Collaborators Awarded NSF Coastal Science Grant

    Malin PinskyIn the wake of Hurricane Sandy and other severe storms, the National Science Foundation (NSF) Directorate for Geosciences and Biological Sciences initiated a new program to support studies on the sustainability of coastal systems – the program for Coastal Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability.  Malin Pinsky (pictured at right) – with collaborators including Bonnie McCay (Human Ecology), Kevin St. Martin (Geography), and colleagues at Princeton and Yale – has received funding through this program for his collaborative research project, titled “Adaptations of fish and fishing communities to rapid climate change”.

    EENR Undergrad Film Highlights Dr. Brooke Maslo's ResearchJill Azzolini

    When most people think of endangered species, they probably do not think of bats – the animals are more often seen as a nuisance or as vectors of disease. But EENR undergraduate Jill Azzolini (left) is expanding the bat appreciation audience with her short film highlighting the research of Department faculty member Dr. Brooke Maslo (pictured with student, above right). Says Azzolini, “No one really talks about bats, except as pests. They have a bad rep, but they’re really in trouble.” READ MORE


About Us

Our interdisciplinary department specializes in ecology, evolution, and natural resource conservation. We study the evolutionary origins and maintenance of biodiversity, conserving and restoring native ecosystems, and issues of global change such as managing natural resources within urban ecosystems.


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