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This page and the MBB Department Page, were originally written and maintained by me, Frank Deis, of the MBB Dept.

The current version of the MBB page was produced by Judy Kolva and modified by Pam Woronov. I am continuing to provide content and maintenance as is Dr. Andrew Vershon.

. Our most recent trip was to France (June 2004). Here are some pictures from Arles and nearby Provence. In my spare time I've been fooling around with Java Clocks. I've also been working on a couple of wine lectures. In late August of 2002 I attended my 40th Hampton High School Reunion. I am compiling pictures of Hampton, pictures of people, and relevant URL's. Take a look. And here is a "handout" on how to make Chain Mail!. In Sept 2001 we went down to Philadelphia for a great dinner and good wines (amarone, barbaresco, and vin santo among others) at our friends Larry and Susan's house. Here are some pictures.

This is the book I helped write. The 5th Edition of Stryer (with new co-authors Tymoczko and Berg) came out in December 2001. Our Companion volume was published in June 2002. The 6th edition came out 5 years later and the 7th edition was just published in 2011.

My wife Louise sang at Carnegie Hall on Sunday, June 2, 2002. She is in the black beads, to the right of Catherine Ambos (with red purse). Everyone in the picture is from the choir at Christ Church Episcopal in New Brunswick. There is a set of pictures in the Carnegie Hall folder on the Roundys' website.

Both Louise and I recently lost our mothers. I put together a page for Helen Frey, Louise's mom, and also for Marie Deis, my mother.

Our trip to Italy in the Summer of 2000 was just wonderful, and I've posted some pictures. Here is another set of pictures.

The Grounds for Sculpture near Trenton was a recent trip for us -- here are some photos from a recent roll.

August 2000 pictures from our trip, Vermont and Virginia. .

Thanksgiving 2000 pictures from Virginia.

I collect Waterford Glass. This is their Alana Ship's Decanter

In the Spring of 2001 I first taught an honors course called "Wonderful Life" with Dr. Lenore Neigeborn. My own reading list is a lot longer than the course reading list. Some of the material is controversial. Here are some associated links.

Click here to see Hubble telescope images. If you can view the MPEG movies, do it, they are quite impressive.


I've been interested in genealogy for several years. Click Here to see a paper I wrote about the BAUGH family. And I recently published a book analyzing the 1920 Census of Saxtons River, VT, the town where my wife grew up. Here's a picture of the Historical Society in Saxton's River, formerly the Congregational Church there.

My friend Karen Isaacson is working on putting the Census book into online form. CLICK HERE to have a look. Karen is well known on the net for her various genealogy projects. One of her current projects is a very whizzy site for U.S. genealogy links -- CLICK HERE to see what she's been up to. Probably the best online genealogy source is Rootsweb which was formerly run by Karen Isaacson and her husband Brian Leverich.

Click Here to see Howard Groff's "Samuel" Page. It has some useful URL's for "Pennsylvania Dutch" Genealogy. HERE is my local "mirror" of the Samuel page. The Ship Samuel Cookbook.

Here's a page on Summy genealogy.

And one on Keithleys of Wash. DC who are related to the Talbot County MD Keithleys -- and not directly related to my Cecil County MD Keithleys.

One of the most useful references for early German-American genealogy is the Palatines to America home page.


My mother passed away recently. I thought I would collect pictures and some other materials one place, my Mom's page. Here are some pictures of my family.

Tom with his two grandmas, on Graduation Day. My mom is sitting. Tom is holding his new diploma!

My sister, Elizabeth Deis, is an Associate Professor in Rhetoric at Hampden Sydney College in Virginia. Click here for the faculty list at HSC. She's in the Rhetoric Department, and her husband is in Humanities. We grew up in Hampton, VA. Our father worked for NASA . I went to undergraduate school at Rice University in Houston, TX. Click Here for some pictures of the Rice Campus.

My house is a three-family house, so I'm a landlord. I've had a variety of interesting people as tenants over the years. Until recently they included Bill Crosbie. I also have some interesting neighors including the Sprachmans -- who let me use their scanner for all the pictures on this website! CLICK HERE to see Paul Sprachman's home page.And here is Susan's. Susan also has a website with pictures of her trip with Paul to Iran during the Summer of 2001, called Susan's Iran.

My wife Louise has a home page at Princeton where she is a librarian in the Biology library.

My son Tom is in a rock band in Boston. Here is a page about it. I have the front CD cover just below on this page. When he was in high school, he also had a rock band. Fresh 'n Tasty had several performances in Highland Park and New Brunswick. The band was later known as Trikaya ("try kaya"). Tom is now at Berklee College of Music.


I really love to read a good book. Many wonderful books have won the BOOKER PRIZE. Click here to see some of the winners and the near misses. The 1995 Booker was given to Pat Barker for "The Ghost Road." In 1996 "Last Orders" by Graham Swift won the prize. In 1997, Arundhati Roy's book "The God of Small Things" won. Roy is from Kerala and writes English in a style reminiscent of Salman Rushdie. The 1998 winner is Ian McEwan for his book "Amsterdam." Not every Booker winner is a "good book"!! This point also applies to the 1999 winner, something by Coetzee...


Rutgers has a good soccer team, and I like to attend as many games as I can. Here is the 2000 schedule. Here is how the team did in 1999. Click here to see the schedule and results from Fall 1998, here for 1997, and here to see Fall 1996.

Wine and Food

I've enjoyed wine with meals ever since I was in college, and have a cellar and a nice small collection of good bottles. Look at my wine page for more information.

I have up some recipes kindly sent to me by Lawrence Kelsall, or "Larry99" on the West Coast Wine Italian Board, which go well with Amarone, a strong red wine from the area of Verona, Italy.

Stamps, Toys, etc.

I was a member of the "Friends of Tuva." Here's a page with information about the former country of TANNU TUVA.

click here to see some Tuvan stamps

Instead of just giving a link to the "Coolest Sites" I thought I would put in a link to Web Soup, which is a collection of collected sites. There is always something interesting there, and I like the programming philosophy (minimalist HTML). Click here for Web Soup.

I keep hearing about South Park

What's the hottest new animatronic talking toy?


And then, there's Dilbert...
Click here


The announcement of the 1995 Nobel Prize in Medicine was of special interest to members of the MBB Department. The prize was divided between Edward B. Lewis of CalTech, Eric F. Wieschaus of Princeton, and Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard at the Max-Planck Institute in Tübingen. One of our newest faculty members is Dr. Ken Irvine, who worked in Dr. Wieschaus's lab and coauthored papers with him. To read about Dr. Irvine's research, CLICK HERE

To read more about Dr. Wieschaus' research that won the prize, click here.

To see the press release from Nobel, click here.

For this year's Nobel Prize announcements, click here The 1996 prize in Medicine went to Doherty and Zinkernagel for early discoveries about how MHC proteins work with the cell mediated immune response system. The 1997 prize in Medicine went to Stanley Prusiner for his "prion" work, and the Chemistry prize went to Paul Boyer for his coupling theory, how the F1-ATPase works.

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