Trikaya is a rock band based in Highland Park. The group recently changed its name from "Fresh and Tasty" to Trikaya, a Buddhist term having to do with the sounds of the universe. If you have heard of Fresh and Tasty, the new group plays many of the same songs, and has the same personnel except for the drummer.

Here are some .WAV files:
  1. Butterscotch (539 K)
  2. Downtown (1 Meg)
  3. Isaac sings "Ice Off" (1 Meg)

Here is an article from the Highland Fling, written by Christa Vogelius.

The members of the group have been Isaac Sprachman (vocals), Owen Sussman-Wetzel (guitar, sometimes bass), Tom Deis (bass, sometimes guitar), and until the Summer of 1997, Dani Komlos (drums). Recently the group found a new drummer, Samesh "Sam" Sadarangani of North Brunswick. The band performs music written by the band members with lyrics by Isaac. They had several gigs at the Indigo Jones Coffee House in New Brunswick, (which then went out of business!) and won the Battle of the Bands at Highland Park High School.

Isaac is an artist and metal sculptor in his spare time. He likes to listen to jazz -- Billie Holiday for example, and music by Tom Waits. Like the other band members Isaac also likes Rage Against the Machine .

Owen has been playing guitar for several years and cranks out wicked licks as lead guitarist.

Tom is an STP fan -- besides the Stone Temple Pilots, he likes Alice in Chains, Rage against the Machine, and jazz. Lewis Nash is his favorite jazz drummer, and Cyrus Chestnut is his favorite jazz pianist. Thelonious Monk is a composer he admires. Tom plays several instruments including clarinet, bass clarinet and piano, and switches his bass for the guitar part with Owen for some numbers. Tom wrote a web page about guitar pedals -- Click here to read it.

Sam Sadarangani is an accomplished drummer who plans to go to Rutgers in the Fall of 1998. More pictures - click here!

Here are some of the lyrics written by Isaac:

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Concert Tour Dates
(all dates from 1997)

"Downtown is where we will be..."

Owen, Dani, Isaac, and Tom

Tom (left), Isaac (right) in picture below:

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