Henry Baugh Land Transactions

This file is designed to accompany my description of early Baugh history in Pulaski Co. KY, The Bach/Baugh Family.

Reading a land plat is a tricky business. I wanted to squeeze as much information as possible out of available Pulaski County records, so I went to work on the land plats. The language is arcane and you get a lot of practice with a protractor, but eventually it makes sense. It appears that when Henry Baugh and family arrived in Kentucky in 1808, they took possession of a square plot of land just north of Mount Zion.

You can see Science Hill at the right edge of the map. The road which runs from Science Hill to form the northern border of Henry Baugh's 200 acre plot is now called Route 635, and the road out of Mt. Zion which forms the western border of the 125 acre plot is Stringtown Road. To see a full sized image, click here.

This image shows the situation at the end of 1808. Henry Baugh has the square plot, and nearby are John Robertson, Godfrey Young, and Abijah Kelley. Michael Cline bought the large Kelley plot in 1828.

Large 1808 map

Anyone who has done early American genealogy knows that it's significant who the neighbors are: you marry the girl from the farm next door. So seeing Cline, Young, and Lay is interesting. Here is what the map looks like in 1840 after Henry Baugh has split his farm between Adam Baugh and Henry Jr.

By 1840, the Clines have sold all of their land in this area. By 1850 they were living in Scotland Co., Missouri. As we move forward to 1855, the farms grow a little smaller, and Landy Newell shows up.

Here in 1860 Henry Baugh Jr. now owns most of the large tract that was originally Abijah Kelley's. Other names include Jones, Collins, Young, and Newell.

Finally Henry Baugh Jr. is disposing of his land. Much of the western farmland goes to his son Milam Baugh.