Family Photos

New pictures of Larry's boat, down in Annapolis:

Jane and friends

The Boat

Jane on dock

Here is a shot of my family down in Virginia

Left to right, Mom, Tom, Lowell Charles, and Alice

Here we are on Mom's front steps in Virginia

In back, Lowell and Mom. In front, Elizabeth, Lowell Charles, Alice, and me.

Here is the whole Frey family, up in Vermont

On couch, L to R -- me, Louise, Gina, Larry, Helen, Janan
On floor, Jane, Alison, Kevin, Tom, Elizabeth, Alan, and Maggie (the dog).

Click below to see larger versions of the above shot:


And here's a shot of Gina and Alison

And here are Gina, Kevin, and Alison at Disney World in Florida

Click here to see the kids with Donald.

Click here to see them with Goofy.

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