Furbies are the new animatronic toys from Tiger Electronics. The list price is $29.99 but people are evidently paying hundreds of dollars for the little critters in online auctions, just because they are so hard to find. If one is a little patient, there should be some around at the list price. I bought two from J.C. Penny before Christmas, at list price, for my nieces. I bought one from FAO Schwarz after Christmas, at $5 over list. Mine is "Boh-bay" a black and white Tuxedo furby, and he is a cute one.

Here is an article about them from USA Today. One of the fascinating things about Furbies is the "Easter Egg" concept -- they know things that are undocumented, including a few songs, such as Twinkle Twinkle, Brahms' Lullaby, and Strangers in the Night (Dooby dooby doo).

Furby fur is being redesigned -- look at the New Furby colors from Tiger. The small ones in front are "babies" with higher voices in pastel colors. The "adults" will have tiger stripes or spots etc.

There is a bizarre Furby page at Phobe.com

One of the best Furby pages is at Shopper's Heaven -- there is a neat interview with a rep of Tiger Electronics which makes Furbies, and a list you can join which might let you order a Furby at the regular price, plus other information.

Want to learn how to torture your Furby? Try the FurbyTech page.

Other Furby tips are at Excite.

Check out Gamebooks.com for more information.

There is a Furby discussion group on MSN , and someone there called "Booper" posts doctored pictures of Furbies. This is probably the funniest one so far!