Oct. 29, 2006, wordgirl is far out in front. It only takes 550,000 points to be in the All-time top, but the game has only been online for about two months.

November 4, 2006 -- This is where wordgirl stops playing. Her score never changes and eventually she drops off the list in Jan 07.

November 8, 2006. A good match with halo518 who is still around.
I find myself in the All-time Top, with a tight race for 3, 4, and 5.

November 18, 2006. My highest All-time ranking.

December 6, 2006. "no random words" has passed wordgirl. He or she was in the All-time top until very recently. Was Micio the same as "no random words"? I can't remember.

December 14, 2006. MClaire from Be has entered the All-time Top 5.

January 6, 2007. I had assumed that I could ignore the game and still stay in the top five. That was wrong, and here is how it looked in early January. FairlandOK had racked up an enormous score, and zippy had made her appearance.

I started playing again and made the list again. It felt a little strange to knock wordgirl off the list. January 8, 2007:

Then MightyWord entered the picture and knocked me out of the top five. This is just after I got back into the picture and MC from Be changed her nickname for that day. January 20, 2007. zippy had passed MC from Be and was about to pass "no random words" to take second place. Note how close the scores are for positions 2-5!

February 20, 2007. For about a week, FairlandOK changed her nickname to Good Bye All and stopped playing the game. On Feb 24, she's back as Fairland OK.

March 1, 2007. Zippy and MightyWord each had two 1500 point games.

March 4, 2007. The communication between the top players seems to have cut down a little on the competitiveness. And MightyWord put on a mighty push to catch up, so all players are tied.

March 14, 2007. MightyWord has been in third place for some time, but we have changed our names to direct players to this website. Behind the aliases it's MightyWord in 3rd, MClaire of Be in 4th, and FrankD in 5th.

April 16, 2007. "Pretty" scores from the All-time top five, and a couple of anomalies in the day's Top Pairs. Notice 1607, scores in Labeler increment by 100's, so 1607 should be impossible. Scores above 2500 are only obtained by cheating. But scores in the 1400-1900 range have become more common since Google last updated the game. On March 1 I thought it was very unusual that Zippy and Mightyword had two 1500 games. I had four 1500 games on Apr. 16, and none appeared in the Top Five.

April 17, 2007. FairlandOK has reached the ten million mark. The other players are also posing for the picture below.

And, 100 points later:

As of May 4, 2007, the game underwent fundamental changes that had a large effect on scoring. The time limit changed from 90 seconds to 2 minutes, which allowed more images to be identified. And highly specific matches now earn 140 or 150 points whereas "lazy" generic matches only get 50 points. FairlandOK has changed her name to "Night Elf Rogue" but has not returned to add to her score. Also the incremental scoring has made it almost impossible to reach a target score, so the exact ties seen above may be a thing of the past. Here is the score as of Tuesday, May 8, 2007:

Getting an exact score is quite tricky with the new game but not impossible. These are the scores from May 13 and May 16. Marie Claire is "TINYURL dot COM" and FrankD is "slash 2PMZY4":

After MightyWord was in the top five continuously since January, DeSoto Driver caught up with him on May 23. The Top Five has been unchanged for a long time, so this was a surprise. OKlahoma is really Zippy in this listing:

Here, a few of us had "pretty" scores on May 25 so I took a picture:

And again on May 31.

DesotoDriver dropped to fifth briefly on June 13

Here we are on July 1, 2007:

In honor of July 7 (7/7/07) Marie-Claire and FrankD aimed at all sevens. But this score is from July 8, 2007:

On August 2, 07, Zippy, FrankD, and Marie Claire had pretty scores:

August 17, 2007, Zippy has passed Night Elf Rogue and the scores match:

FairlandOK had stopped at 10 million. By Sep. 4, 2007 all top five players had reached that score, and paused briefly:

Then by Sep. 20, 07, Mighty or MightyWord arrived forming a durable Top Five that persists today:

The problem of cheating has always been present in Labeler. Any score over 3400 is a cheating score. On a few occasions, when cheaters clogged the daily Top Five, some of the faster players would change to alternative identities and "teach them a lesson." 6440 is the highest score I can recall for a cheating game. This was Oct. 5, 2007:

Here is Christmas 2007

The game had changed during 2007 allowing higher total scores, and here is an early game that topped 3000 points (3120). BSpecific and CatVutt on December 31 2007.

Soon there after, on Jan. 23, 2008, Zippy and PlayfulSpirit beat the record with 3130.

In late January, Zippy hit 20 million and stopped playing (Jan 30 08):

Soon afterward, DeSoto Driver took over first place (Feb 17 08):

On April 14, 2008, the current high score for an individual game was set by Delta Force and Katerdid or "I Like Kittens." 3360 is the highest known non-cheating score, a record.

May 16, 2008, sixteen million for FrankD and MClaire

Very nice scores on June 4, 2008, notice Zippy's sequence:

More nice scores on June 18, 2008:

On August 1, 2008, Zippy managed to hold all five positions in "Today's Top Pairs." This was soon after the 3 PM EDT score reset, but it is still difficult to hold multiple spots because each game has to be with a different players. Most "guest" players are "robots" provided by Google as partners, and they all count as the same player, so of Zippy's matches at 4 and 5 one had to be with a real player with no set nickname, the other probably with a "robot."

On August 21, 2008 the long standing World Record Score was topped by Zippy and Playful Spirit who hit 3400 points. They said there were no off-limits for the game, and a higher score ought to be possible.

A big change came on October 2, 2008 when Playful Spirit zoomed past positions 3, 4, and 5 to join the Top Five list.

On October 24, TypesWithHooves and Ms89Vision tied the record at 3400 points.

Another historic moment was on November 6, 2008 when Miss 89 Vision and BSPECIFIC set a new world record. Unfortunately there were two cheaters with higher scores on that date, but now the world non-cheating record is 3530. For what it's worth, the "cheating record" is 6440 so these are mediocre cheating scores. Everyone's nickname is also messed up.

A few days later, on November 18, 2008, TypesWithHooves and Ms VS got a legitimate 3600 score, which is the current record (March 2009) and seems rather durable.

On April 16, 2009 Zippy (playing as Get N hot now) and Delta Force (playing as spazzmatazz) scored 3650. I don't have a good screen image but I have a copy of the game. This is the highest non-cheating score ever, and the record stands today (October 2009).