Hampton Virginia

I grew up in Hampton VA and graduated from Hampton High School in 1962. I recently attended the HHS 40th Reunion, which was fun, and thought it would be a good thing to group some relevant material on one page. I will probably be adding to this page as I come across new URL's etc. Here are a few:

1959: A Novel by Thulani Davis. Anyone who lived in Hampton in the 1950's and 1960's should probably read this book. It is overstated, but it can really help one understand how others saw the town in that time frame.

For a while I will have a few pictures taken from the Class of 62 40th Reunion Dinner Dance that was held at the Langley Field Officers' Club. Send me ID's if you'd like.

The Hampton Hall of Fame.

The Cheyne Photo Collection mostly from the time frame 1900-1950. Churches, businesses, and portraits of wealthy citizens.

Hampton Post Cards similar to those which are blown up to poster size in the new Hampton DMV office.