First, this just struck me as funny. Any image can be hard if your partner speaks no English. I was tempted to abort this game but stayed on out of curiosity about what my partner was typing. Not one word is spelled right, assuming that "batch" is beach and "three" is tree:

Here some difficult images encountered in the game.

For Europeans it is hard to recognize baseball players or a baseball field. Here are a few examples:

There have been several images of Totem Poles in the game recently. You should try "totem" or "pole" or "totem pole" as a descriptor, many people know what these are.

There are a variety of images made by pointing a camera with a fish-eye lense straight up at night, like those below.

In the center of the circle you see stars or clouds in the sky and around the edge is the horizon. Nobody seems to understand these images. To learn more go to Night Sky Live.

A similar problem is with images of the Sun. These are generally taken through heavy filters and shown in black and white. Very few people understand that they are looking at the Sun, or at sunspots. Here is an example:

Power Rangers were on TV a few years ago. Japanese series.

This is a putter, a kind of golf club.

These are Ninja Throwing Stars. Throwing a knife is inefficient because only part of it is sharp. Ninja stars are sharpened metal disks thrown at enemies.

Above are a couple of vehicles that look like tanks without guns. They are designed to get soldiers from one place to another without them being shot or blown up. Armed Personnel Carriers, "APC" in milspeak.

Ayer's Rock is a major tourist attraction in the Australian outback. Nowadays it is called by the aboriginal name "ULURU" and that is the best word to type for a match with this image.

In the early 1990's there was a fad for "Magic Eye" and people bought books of these images. At first you see nothing but a complicated pattern. Then if your eyes unfocus in just the right way, you see a 3 dimensional shape.

The best answer for these would be "protein" or "molecule" but because most people don't know that that is what they are, try "confetti," "ribbon" or "colors." Also "structure" might work. Biochemists look at pictures like this all day long.

Here are more "molecules." Proteins are so big that you can't see the individual atoms (the balls here). I have seen "chemistry" "chemical" "atoms" "balls" and other terms work but the best single word for these images would be "molecule."

I have seen many images of I. M. Pei's glass pyramid that forms the entry of the Louvre. Appropriate terms might be pyramid, glass, louvre, paris, france. I have even seen one image taken from inside looking out in the game. Thanks MightyWord for the link:

The structure shown here is a work of public art in Chicago, IL, known popularly as the "bean" or the "electric kidney bean." I think the real name is "cloud gate." It is big enough to walk under, and I have seen several images of it in Labeler.

Here is a building built recently (after 2000) in London England, known popularly as the "Gherkin" - a kind of pickle.

Sometimes you see people in a glass bubble and your partner types "London Eye". Evidently it is a large Ferris Wheel in London.

Also there is a monument at Greenwich England for the Prime Meridian, kind of a metal shape on a pedestal.

Here is another London site: this is a replica of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, on the South bank of the Thames. Many people will use "Globe" as a descriptor:

Here is an animal most people know, the Bison or Buffalo:

Below is a picture of the Viking Memorial in Reykjavik, Iceland. Before the game was retooled on March 13, '07, the only way to get a match for this image was to type the letter "J". I haven't seen the image since the game was changed.

At least a few people know that this long-horned ungulate is an "ORYX." But most people don't.

I always thought it was called a "strait" jacket but it seems to also be spelled "straight" jacket. Here is the crazy dude: