12:090:274 Wonderful Life
Genes and Evolution

This course is taught to Rutgers College Honors students in the Spring.

2010 syllabus

2011 syllabus

Anderson Lecture PDF

Intro Paper Assignment

Origin of Life Film

Stanley Miller simulation

Spandrel Picture

New Jersey geological map

Map of plate boundaries = ocean trenches

Diagram of the submarine Alvin

Open Letter to Kansas School Board"
Spaghetti Article

Geological Periods

Ernst Mayr on Darwin

Entire article, Darwin's Influence on Modern Thought

Review of "As Nature Made Him" by John Colapinto

Chert.ppt ctrl-click to download, pictures of stromatolites, origin of life.

Ediac.ppt ctrl-click to download, pictures of Ediacaran and Vendian organisms (pre-Cambrian).

A math exercise not really assigned, but interesting. Please try it.

Recent human evolution: Lactose Tolerance

Amino Acids -- protein is made from Amino Acids. You don't need to memorize this list, but know that they come in categories. Some "like" water, and some hate it.

Deep Sea Volcanic Vents take a look at the New Millennium Observatory (NeMO) site.

Aliens of the Deep

Molyvos good place to find Octopus!

Trilobite Page




Trilobite Ventral Morphology

Geology Map 1

Geology Map 2

Wild Stromatolites Shark Bay Australia

Big Fossil Stromatolite

Some Ediacaran animals

Geological Periods

Structure of a Five Act Play

Long list of relevant books

Some controversies in this area of science.

Some links to interesting websites

A discussion of photosynthesis



During the semester, I will bring in fossils from my collection to pass around and show the class. Below are simply some descriptions. There are no pictures except in the last entry.

Cambrian Trilobites flat and smooth

Cambrian fossils, update of above

Ordovician and Silurian fossils

Devonian Trilobites -- these are often found "enrolled" or curled up. Also often "ornamental" or spiny.

Carboniferous Fossils -- in America, this period is split into Mississippian and Pennsylvanian

Permian Fossils -- the Paleozoic ended with a major disaster that cause widespread extinctions.

Fossils from Lagerstatten include some of the "soft bodied" fossils shown below

Pictures of Soft-bodied Fossils I own