apc :  tank, (armored personnel carrier)
avatar :  Advanced Video Attribute Terminal Assembler and Recreator (or Aerobic Vehicle for Hypersonic Aerospace Transportation
camo or dpm :  disruptive pattern material = camouflage
Gi :  soldier, army, military
nbc :  nuclear biological chemical
rpg :  ?? weapons, rifles,
usaf or navy:  US Air Force or Navy (white star on blue background)
BA :  British Airways
jet :  plane, airplane, aeroplane
raf :  UK airforce (with roundel)
EU :  europe etc
GB or UK :  Britain, United Kingdom
UK or GB :  Britain, United Kingdom
US or USA :  United States, America, States,
cgi :  computer generated image
cpu :  circuit, motherboard, chip, board, circuit, fan, videocard
pc :  computer, all windows, screen, window, program, screenshot
web :  all the web, site, webpage, website
ball :  soccer, football, ?? baseball, basketball,
nba :  basketball
nfl :  american football
sk8 :  skateboard, skating, skater, skate, ice skating,
wwe or wwf :  wrestling, boxing
* bw - black and white
* pat - man, guy, woman, girl,
* pats - men, women, people, crowd
* x - is used to pass
    (* = invented for the game; short, highscoring labels)
2nd life :  second life
33 or 45 or LP:  record
3d :  3dimensional
dc :  washington
dj :  deejay
dr :  doctor, surgeon, nurse,
dvd :  movie, film
F1 :  formula 1, racecar
gsm :  cellphone, mobile, cell,
K7 :  cassette
k9 :  dog(s), particularly with police
mic or mike:  microphone, sing, speech,
nasa :  covers all of space and rockets launches, sattelite
nyc or ny :  new york
oj :  orange juice, breakfast, cereal, musli
spud :  potato
tv :  television
veg :  vegetables, veggies