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The following are instructions to subscribe to the SAMUEL Listserv.


cc: (Leave blank)

Subj: (leave blank)

In the first line of text, enter "SUB SAMUEL Firstname Lastname", using your real first and last names.

In the second line of text, set your e-mail options by entering ONE and ONLY ONE of the following lines of text:

SET SAMUEL MAIL (You will receive a separate e-mail copy of each message sent to the listserv. The copy will be sent soon after it is received.)

SET SAMUEL DIGEST (You will receive one daily e-mail which will contain all of the messages sent to the listserv in the last 24 hours.)

SET SAMUEL INDEX (You will receive one daily e-mail containing only information "from", "to" and "subj". There will be no text.)

SET SAMUEL NOMAIL (You will receive nothing.)


cc: (your option)

Subj: (subject of your message)