New Photos, Sept. 2000

New "trompe l'oeil" mural in Bellows Falls, Vermont

You see the town square in 1900 just before you drive into the modern town square. Cute.

My grandmother's house in Hampton, VA.

Brunch at the Officer's Club at Fort Monroe, Hampton VA.

Mom, Frank, Tom, and Louise

The pond at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, which we birded on the way back to New Jersey.

"Peeps" or Semipalmated Sandpipers -- not at Chincoteague but at Donaldson Park in Highland Park NJ.

When the sun gets low the view across the Raritan River from Donaldson Park lights up in an impressive golden glow!

This is my friend Vivian Hight at her birthday party. Vivian has written two interesting books, "The Hight and Hunter Heritage" about her genealogy, and "A Charmed Life -- Or Was It?" which is autobiographical.