Grounds for Sculpture

This was probably my favorite sculpture during our trip to the Grounds for Sculpture near Trenton NJ on Saturday July 22. It was conceived on a computer by Bruce Beasley, and then the pieces were cut folded and burnished, and recently it was remounted in a beautiful pond. It's called "Dorion", made in 1986. Here is the original setting.

"Summertime Lady" by David Hostetler is about 10 feet tall -- her red dress is Ferrari Red and her black hair is BMW Black. The automobile paints stand the weathering that outdoor sculptures must endure. From the side her figure makes a very dramatic "S". The sculpture was made in 1999.

Leucantha, by Philip Grausman, is a monumental head of a woman made in 1993 -- this was recently moved to a water setting as shown here. You can see the earlier position of the sculpture in this poster and this explanation.

This is the interesting piece "Nine Muses" with our tour guide, Don Simon. He told us that the sculpture is especially impressive at night, when lit from below so that the shadows show dramatically. Carlos Dorrien crafted the piece over the period 1990-1997, out of granite. This station on the virtual tour shows Dorrien's sculpture.

The pink house contains a fancy restaurant with the odd name "Rats." The house abuts a version of the garden at Giverny, and I think it's supposed to resemble Monet's house. There is a pretty "half moon" bridge, a stream and waterfall, and a lake nearby. The white sculpture in the water is "Portal Rest" by Horace Farlowe, made of white Danby marble in 1999.

The Grounds for Sculpture has an interesting website. Some of the pictures are kind of small but under "Map" there is a virtual tour -- if you are set up for Quicktime you can use the mouse to look around 360 degrees, and zoom in and out with "shift" and "control."

Here is Larry Frey and his mother Helen out in the Chesapeake Bay on his boat.

And here is Janan on the same boat.

This is a different "boat" - the Amerigo Vespucci, one of the tall ships that participated in OpSail2000. The picture was taken from Larry's boat.

OpSail2000 also has a website.

A lid from an anchovy tin digitized just for fun.