Ruins in Provence
June 2004

Pix of Arles

Other parts of France


Pont du Gard. This majestic structure is the second tallest Roman Ruin extant today, three feet shorter than the outer wall of the Coliseum in Rome. It carried a large volume of water to Nimes, south of here. It spans the River Gard and the widest arch is sized so that it "won't get its feet wet" (according to Rick Steves).

A view from the walkway.

An arch of the much smaller aqueduct which led to Arles. This was right before the precipice where half the water drove a system of grain mills.

The Arena in Nimes, the most perfectly preserved Roman amphitheater in the world.

The Maison Carre in Nimes, which Thomas Jefferson used as his inspiration for the State Capitol building in Richmond Virginia.

This is near the castle ruin, above the village of les Baux. Beyond the blooming lavender is a paved field which was used to collect rainwater into a cistern.

I was pleased to make it to the top of the Porte de Sarrazin, one of the gates of the old ruined fortress at les Baux.

This view was taken through the telephoto at the fields below les Baux. The gray-green is olive trees, and the bright green is grape vines. The local economy is based on these two crops. In this part of France, at least in June, the air is fragrant wherever you go. It's lovely.