These are some other sites which have been recommended as containing useful genealogy information. Most will also contain links to other sites. Several of these have been corrected from the last list. I have not had time to personally check all of these. Please E-mail me with any corrections, suggestions for additions, comments about the usefulness of any of the sites, etc.

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  1. German Genealogy Home Page
  2. Karen's ROOTS-L Resources: U,.S.
  3. Karen's Pennsylvania Page
  4. Matt Helm's Genealogy Toolbox
  5. Diana and Gary SAMUEL page.
  6. Frank Deis Home Page
  7. Mock Family Historian
  8. Compuserve Genealogy, History, and Adoption Home Page
  9. Blairs Book Service
  10. The Genea. Calendar
  11. U.S. Gazetteer
  12. Roots Surname List
  13. Genealogical Computing Association of Pennsylvania
  14. German Resources
  15. Palatines to America
  16. Spanky Johnson's Home Page
  17. Rand Genealogy Club
  18. U.S. Army Military History Institute
  19. Yahoo's Search Index
  20. Melissa Calhoun's Illinois Page
  21. Penn State Genealogy Home Page
  22. Genealogy in UK and Ireland
  23. Everton Publishers Guide to Churches, Ethnic groups, etc.