The F/x Pedal Page

by Tom Deis

  1. DOD Stereo Flanger pedal

    I recommend the dod stereo flanger pedal-you can do excellent tremolo, to computer voice, to a chorus type sound, to a sweeping sound. Sounds good for -Alice in chains- Rooster, Drt Rage Against the Machine- Wake up , Killing in the Name (works Beautifully with distortion) ****

  2. DOD Deathmetal pedal

    I recommend this pedal for good screeching feedback, not for playing any kind of chords except power chords. I find that it's functions are quite limited though.**

  3. BOSS chorus pedal

    I wasn't able to get many different kinds of sounds from this pedal , I would personally prefer the DOD flanger. It can cover all of the Boss pedal's functions.**

  4. BOSS original distortion pedal

    This is the heaviest distortion pedal I've ever heard. The settings are easy -always use 100% distortion for splitting lead guitar use 75% tone, distorted chords at 25% tone, and cranking the tone all the way down gives a unique crunching sound. Great for STP****

  5. The DOD grunge pedal

    You can get more different sounds out of this one than the Boss one if you like fuzzy high tone Distortion this one is for you.(Grunge should always be at 100%) I don't find it useful in every song though.***

  6. Dunlop original Crybaby

    No questions about it - Morleys suck. Dunlop makes the real wah pedals. You can use this anywhere- Great filter pedal for bulls on parade and vietnow It's Cheap and it's the best wah out there. ****

  7. RockTek Superdelay

    I bought this pedal instantly when I saw it for $25 at a guitar show because I know how much Delay pedals sell for. I was surprised with how good it sounded . No name brand and not bad delay. The only problem was that you can only get it to repeat so slow.***

A good page with other pedal reviews is here

Fresh and Tasty is the name of the band I play with.

This is me using my Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah pedal with the band...

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