It is logical that Google would provide robot partners armed with AI programming to serve as partners for real human players at times when not enough people are online to provide human matches. Still one feels cheated to realize that the Guest players are often merely robots.

Playing this game for months, one notices certain repetitions, when viewing the "partner's guesses." One thing stood out because it was shocking. There is an image of three men, it might be a fraternity rush at college or the men might be older. The man on the right looks like perhaps an arab. The man in the center is a slight black man in a baseball cap. Again and again, essentially 100% of the time, my "partner" would type "man, nigger, people."

I was shocked when I first saw this insensitive racial slur, but when it happened again and again, I thought, how many people in the world would actually type this? My answer -- not many. So what I was seeing was not an epidemic of stupidity and racism, but rather a poorly conceived program serving as the "guest" partner.

Once it sunk in that sometimes my partner was a robot, it began to make sense that whenever I saw the image below, the first guess was a misspelled word, "CANABIS." The plant is NOT marijuana, the whole concept is wrong, but every time I see this picture the guesses are the same:

Seeing a "robot" word during a game means that ALL of the words in that game are robot words. Thus we would expect all of the images in this game to be the same words in the same order.