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This text is taken from the start of John W. Summy's book, "The Descendants of Hans Michael Sumi - Solomon Summy Branch." I have done some minor editing, mainly involving the indentation, and fixing some problems with numbering. I have included the details shown in the book that concern the Summy family in America as a whole, and my specific line, the "Hans Michael" but not the "Solomon" line. Specifics about Solomon's family make up the bulk of the book and those have been omitted in this excerpt. If you want to comment by email you can write to Frank Deis at, or contact John W. Summy directly.

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The Descendants of Hans Peter Sumi, Sr

1. Hans Peter(1) SUMI, Sr. [PIONEER] was born 3 Oct 1675 at Lauenen, Canton Bern, Switzerland. He was the son of Caspar SUMI and Anna ANNEN. Hans Peter, Sr. died before 1750 at or near Groffdale, Lancaster Co., PA. He married Maria Magdalena HALDY 30 Oct 1705 at Berg in Lothringen, Alsace, France. She was born about 1685 at Lauenen, Canton Bern, Switzerland. Maria died after 1749 at or near Groffdale, Lancaster Co., PA, and was buried at the Mennonite Cemetery, Groffdale, PA.

They had 8 children:
2.	I.	Maria Magdalena SUMI	b. 19 Dec. 1706	d.
3.	ii.	Hans Jacob SUMI		b. about 1711	d. Feb 1762
4.	iii.	Hans Peter SUMI, Jr.	b. about 1713	d. 30 Aug 1787
5.	iv.	Otto Frederick SUMI	b. about 1718	d. before 1790
6.	v.	Hans Michael SUMI	b. about 1722	d. before 1790
7.	vi.	Johannes SUMI		b. 25 May 1723	d. after 1790
8.	vii.	Johann Rudolph SUMI	b. Jul 1725	d. 20 Jun 1727
9.	viii.	Gorg Andreas SUMI	b. 11 Dec 1728	d. 19 Dec. 1728

Hans Peter was the son of Caspar Sumi from Saanen, Switzerland. Tradition has the family exiled from Canton Aargau and migrating to Offenburg in Middle Baden, then to Northern Alsace where Peter was a herdsman near Rexingen. It was there that he married in the Lutheran Church. There is no record as to when he converted to the "Anabaptists" or "Mennonites". Obviously it was after his marriage, possibly while they lived in Holland. In their travels and migrations they could accumulate little property and they apparently had to work at whatever the nobility provided.

Tradition says that when Alsace was ceded to France, they migrated to Holland and from there he came to America in 1733 with his wife, Maria, and family. He was the earliest known minister at the Groffdale Mennonite Church in Earl Township, Lancaster County, PA after the departure of Hans Rudolph Nagele about 1735.

The known records of Maria Haldy Sumi are in the ship arrivals in Colonial Recordds; as a sponsor for Hans Michael Sumi's daughter, Magdalena, at Tulpehocken Church in 1749; in son, Hans Jacob Sumi's will; and in the marriage records in northern Alsace at the Diedendorf Reformed Church. (The location is now Berg-sur-Moselle in France - Zip 57570 Cattenom.) [Source: Annette Burgert "Eighteenth Century Emigrants from the Northern Alsace"] On the passenger records she is shown as age 58 but those records were notoriously inaccurate as to ages and from the ages of her children it appears she was much younger.


Maria Magdalena(2) SUMI

(19 Dec 1706 - )

2. Maria Magdalena(2) SUMI [W] (1.Peter, Sr.(1)) was born 19 Dec 1706 at Alsace (now France). Maria died in North Carolina or South Carolina. She married John Peter Wissenandt on 7 Feb 1737 at Muddy Creek Lutheran Church, Lancaster Co., PA. John Peter was born about 1708. After several children they moved to the Yadkin or Catawba River Valley in NC. Peter's brother, Adam, also moved there and the families have not been separately identified.


Hans Jacob(2) SUMI

(about 1711 - Feb 1762)

3. Hans Jacob(2) SUMI [H] (1.Peter, Sr.(1)) was born about 1711 at Alsace (now France). Jacob died Feb 1762 at or near New Holland, Lancaster Co., PA, and was buried Feb 1762 at the Mennonite Cemetery, Groffdale, Lancaster Co., PA. He married Barbara HIESTAND about 1738 at Lancaster Co., PA.

He was known only as Jacob in America and took over the plantation of his wife and added considerable land to it during his lifetime. His will is filed in Book X, Vol. 2, Page 11 in Lancaster County, Pa. and was probated 7 Feb 1762. In it he says that "it is my will that they shall not drive away my mother as long as she liveth". Obviously his mother was living when he wrote the will in 1761.

The only mention of his life is in several tax records and in a visit by some Moravian missionaries who reported that "he was not at all interested in their message." History records that he was buried at the Groffdale Mennonite Church.

Barbara was the widow of John Jacob Bear. She had three girls to her first marriage and inherited his plantation. In 1759 she and her daughters signed over all land rights to her husband, Jacob Summy. History records that she was buried at the Groffdale Mennonite Church.


Hans Peter(2) SUMI, Jr.

(about 1713 - 30 Aug 1787)

4. Hans Peter(2) SUMI, Jr. [P] (1.Peter, Sr.(1)) was born about 1713 in Alsace, (now France) or the Palatinate. Peter, Jr. died about 30 Aug 1787 at or near Lincolnton, Lincoln Co., NC. He married Margaret MERTZ.

Peter was a member of the German Reformed Church in Berks Co., PA from 1735 to 1755. He placed an ad in a Germantown (German) newspaper in 1761 which possibly means that he was selling the land he owned in Jackson Twp, Lebanon Co. and/or had not yet migrated to North Carolina. The first records of him in North Carolina are Land Grants in Tryon/Lincoln County in 1765. His will (1787) is on file in Lincoln Co., NC. New information, in 1994, indicates that they may have lived in Frederick Co., MD for a time before going on to Lincoln Co., NC.


Otto Frederick(2) SUMI

(about 1718 - before 1790)

5. Otto Frederick(2) SUMI [F] (1.Peter, Sr.(1)) was born about 1718 at Alsace, (now France). Frederick apparently died before 1790 in North Carolina. He married Anna MAR. Known only as Frederick or "Fritz" in America, he is recorded in history as moving to the Catawba River Valley in North Carolina "with another brother or a nephew". He was in Pennsylvania as late as 1753 when he had three children baptised at the Trinity Tulpehocken Church near Myerstown, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.

There is no information on him after that date but apparently he had a very large family. Many of the PIONEERS did not register their land, but merely "squatted" on unoccupied areas. It is believed that Frederick was one of these, both in Pennsylvania and in North Carolina. The problems arose later when SOMEONE took claim to it and registered their claim with the authorities.

It is no known if "Mar" was a shortening of his wife's middle name or if it was her last name. There were some Mahre/Maurer families nearby.


The descendants of Hans Michael(2) SUMI

(about 1722 - before 1790)

6. Hans Michael(2) SUMI [M] (1.Peter, Sr.(1)) was born about 1722 at Alsace (now France). Michael died before 1790 at Rowan Co., now Davidson Co., NC. He married Barbara MERCKEL about 1745. She was born about 1725 at Berks or Lancaster Co., PA. Barbara died in North Carolina.

They had about 7 children

10.	i.	Eve Barbara SUMMI	c. 7 Nov 1746
11.	ii.	Peter SUMEY		b. about 1748
12.	iii.	Magdalena SUMMI		c. 11 Jun 1749
13.	iv.	Anna Margaretha SUMI	b. 9 Apr 1751
14.	v. 	Michael SUMEY		b. about 1754
15.	vi.	John SUMEY		b. about 1760
16.	vii.	William SUMMY

Known only as Michael in America. He was in Pennsylvania until 1758 or later. It is thought that he moved to the Yadkin River Valley in Rowan (now Davidson) County, North Carolina. His sons had land in what is now the Uwharrie National Forest which covers parts of Davidson, Randolph, and Montgomery Counties in North Carolina.

Barbara Mercklin and Michael Summi are shown as the parents of Eve Barbara Summi at her baptism, 7 Nov 1746, at Seltenreich Reformed Church in Lancaster County, PA. This is the only known record of her. There are Merkley and Merckey families in Lancaster & Berks Counties, Pa., but no record of a Mercklin family.

It was a German custom to add "in" to the names of females. Some day it may be possible to identify her family. There is an old will in Berks County, PA which lists Barbara Summy as a legatee, but it does not identify her family name.

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10. Eve Barbara(3) SUMMI [MB] (6.Michael(2), 1.Peter, Sr.(1)) was christened 7 Nov 1746 at Seltenreich Reformed Church, Lanc. Co., PA. Source: Baptismal records at Seltenreich Reformed Church, Lancaster Co., PA

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11. Peter(3) SUMEY [MP] (6.Michael(2), 1.Peter, Sr.(1)) was born about 1748 at Lanc (Lebanon) Co., PA. Peter died at Rowan Co., (now Davidson), NC, and was buried at Rowan Co., NC. He married Elizabeth (SUMEY) about 1767. She was born about 1749 at Lancaster Co., PA.

They had 6 children:

17.	i.	Jacob SUMMY		b. 29 Oct 1769	d. 30 Oct 1838
18.	ii.	Peter SUMEY		b. about 1771	d.
19.	iii.	Frederick SUMEY, Sr.	b. about 1775	d. 31 Jan 1850
20.	iv.	John SUMY		b. about 1776	
21.	v.	George SUMEY		b. 17 Aug 1777	d. 5 Sep 1855
22.	vi.	Michael SUMY		b. about 1784

Source: No records of Peter were found in PA, but father, Michael, was a taxable in Lancaster Co., PA in 1759 so it is assumed he was born there. Peter Sumy's will, dated 23 Jul 1804, is filed in Book D, P 36, Rowan Co., NC. It is believed that this Peter was probably the oldest son of Pioneer Hans Michael Sumi. It was often the custom to name the first son after the paternal grandfather. See 1790 and 1800 Census of Salisbury Dist, Rowan Co., NC. Elizabeth is known only by her mention as "wife" in Peter Sumy's will of 1804.

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12. Magdalena(3) SUMMI [MG] (6. Michael(2), 1.Peter, Sr.(1)) was christened 11 Jun 1749 at Tulpehocken Ch, Lanc. Co., (now Lebanon Co), PA.

Source: Baptismal Records of Trinity Tulpehocken Church, near Myerstown, Lebanon Co., PA. Parents were shown as Michael Summi and wife. Sponsor was Mrs. Summi, grandmother. There is no further information on her.

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13. Anna Margaretha(3) SUMI [MA] (6.Michael(2), 1.Peter, Sr.(1)) was born 9 Apr 1751. Source: Baptismal records of Trinity Tulpehocken Church, near Myerstown, Lebanon Co., Pa. Parent shown was Michael Sumi, Swatara. (Swatara was a small sub congregation of Tulpehocken which was in the town now known as Jonestown, Pa. at the confluence of the Big Swatara Creek and Little Swatara Creek.) Sponsor was Ann Margaretha Guschwa. There is little further information on her.

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14. Michael(3) SUMEY [MM] (6.Michael(2), 1.Peter, Sr.(1)) was born about 1754 at PA. Michael died at NC, and was buried at NC.

Michael is in the Salisbury Dist., Rowan Co., NC on the 1790 Census. (Two males over 16, 1 male under 16, and 4 females.) In 1800 he is in Rowan County, NC (2 males 16-26; 1 male over 45; 1 female under 10; 1 female 10-16; 1 female 16-26; and 1 female over 45.) It is believed that he is the Mikel who migrated to the Miami Valley of Ohio and left his will there. [See book section on the remainder of Hans Michael branch]

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15. John(3) SUMEY [MJ] (6.Michael(2), 1.Peter, Sr.(1)) was born about 1760 at Pa or NC.

John Summey is on the 1800 Randolph County, NC Census with a family of 1 male 26-45, 1 female 26-45, 1 male under 10. This is the father of Gilburd Summe, one of the early Mormons in Salt Lake City. He migrated to Ohio and descendants were known to be in Ohio and Indiana as well as Utah.

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16. William(3) SUMMY [MW] (6.Michael(2), 1.Peter, Sr.(1)) no firm evidence of this son has been developed to date (1991). There is a William Sawmy recorded in Orange Co., NC but it is not confirmed as our family.

7. Johannes(2) SUMI [J] (1.Peter, Sr.(1)) was born 25 May 1723 at Alsace, (now France). Johannes died after 1790 at Dauphin Co., (now Lebanon Co.) PA. He married Marie Magdalene BRUBAKER. [Last name is questionable]. History books indicate Johannes lived and died in PA. His home is believed, by old land patents, to have been in Jackson Twp, of what is now Lebanon County, PA in the 1750's. In 1790, there is a John Summy in Dauphin County from which Lebanon County was formed in 1813. History records and tradition say he had three sons: John, Abraham, and Michael; and one daughter.

8. Johann Rudolph(2) SUMI [R] (1.Peter, Sr.(1)) was born Jul 1725 at Alsace (now France). Johann died 20 Jun 1727 at Alsace, (now France).

9. Gorg Andreas(2) SUMI [A] (1.Peter, Sr.(1)) was born 11 Dec 1728 at Alsace (now France). Gorg died 19 Dec 1728.

Source: Records of Langensoultzbach Lutheran Church in Alsace.

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