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This website is all about Carnivorous Plants.  These diverse groups of plants can attract, capture and digest small animals; mostly insects and other arthropods (bugs).  There are several different trapping mechanisms employed by them, like pit-fall traps, adhesive fly-paper traps and even complicated vacuum traps seen in Utricularia.

Generically; we have sundews, pitcher plants, butterworts, Venus fly trap, bladderworts and several others.  The genera names are Aldrovanda (snap trap), Byblis (fly-paper trap) Cephalotus (pitcher plant) Dionaea (snap trap), Darlingtonia (pitcher plant), Drosera (active fly-paper), Drosophyllum (fly-paper), Genlisia (lobster-pot trap), Heliamphora (marsh pitcher), Nepenthes (tropical pitcher plant), Pinguicula (active fly-paper), Sarracenia (pitcher plant), Triphyophyllum (fly-paper) and Utricularia (bladderwort).

To help folks visualize these amazing plants in three dimensions, I have made several virtual herbarium pages.  By placing links in the photos you can click on a part of a plant to access a corresponding close-up, often shot from a different angle.  Most web browsers will show you the presence of the links when you move the mouse cursor over the active part of the image.  My plan is to build a collection of virtual herbariums using this technique.  I have made an effort to proportion the photos so they can be used as desktop backgrounds without any, or much, distortion.

Please note, all photos are owned by either Thomas K. Hayes or David P. Evans, unless mentioned otherwise.  Images presented are for personal and educational use only.  Please include reference to this site and Dangerous Plants when using images; thank you.

Here is table with links to the various genera on display here:


Sarracenia Utricularia Favorite Photos

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