[Rutgers' Cook College]

Limnology Description:

COURSE MATERIALS: Required: Introduction to Limnology, S.I. Dodson.  Available at the Co-op Bookstore or Internet sources.  Pond Life, a very small, cheap, but useful book. 

 Websites:www.rutgersonline.net, http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0072879351/

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is the study of inland waters with special concern for the factors that influence the living populations within these waters.


q       Express understanding of the physical, chemical, and geological factors of inland waters and how these affect the distribution of organisms.

q       Demonstrate adeptness in limnological field techniques.

q       Demonstrate skills in identifying aquatic organisms and demonstrate knowledge of their relationships.


Attendance:  Lecture and lab attendance will be taken into account in final grade.  Prior arrangement must be made for absence from an exam.

Grading: 90-100%: A. 86.7-90%: B+. 80-86.6%: B 76.7-80%: C+. 70-76.6%: C.

Projected assignments and their valuation:  (subject to slight revision)

q       3 exams: 50 pts. each.  Will cover material from lecture, lab, and reading.

q       Daily quizzes, total 50 pts: 2 lowest scores will be dropped

q       1 term paper: 75 pts. (5 pts. for completed and timely  permission slip)

q       Presentation: 25 pts.

q       Lab: 75 pts.-- assignments, lab technique, field ability, participation, practical

q       Discretionary: 25 pts. -- Participation, group activities, attendance, attitude

Late Assignment Policy: 5% will be deducted for each day an assignment is late.