VĚra DvoŘÁk, Ph.D. candidate in linguistics


Linguistics Department

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

18 Seminary Place, CAC

08901-1184 New Brunswick, NJ

<dvorakov at rutgers dot edu>


M. Phil. in Theoretical Linguistics
University of Tromsø, CASTL, 2006
B. A. in Linguistics and Phonetics
Charles University in Prague, 2002
B. A. in Czech Language and Literature
Charles University in Prague, 2002

research interests

  • Syntax/Morphosyntax:

nominalizations; argument structure and Case theory; ditransitives; reflexivity; adjectival passives; DP-structure

  • Syntax-semantics interface:

implicit objects; bare plurals/mass terms; aspect and telicity; genericity; progressivity and habituality; information structure

  • Phonology:
voicing assimilation; secondary stress assignment
  • Slavic languages, Germanic languages


  • Linguistics' relation to neuroscience