Aeschylus, Eumenides

Priestess of Apollo
Hermes (silent character)
Orestes, son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra
Ghost of Clytemnestra
Twelve citizens of Athens
Chorus of Furies / Eumenides

Scene: before the temple of Apollo at Delphi

1-139 Prologue
1-63 (priestess of Apollo; Or. and Furies)
64-93 (interior of temple; Or. and Apollo)
94-139 (ghost of Clyt.; Furies awake)
140-78 Parodos (horrified at escape of Or.)
179-234 First episode, part 1 (Ap. and Furies)

Scene: Athens

235-98 First episode, part 2 (Or. and Furies)
299-396 First stasimon (we punish the guilty)
397-489 Second episode (Athena; Or.; Furies)
490-565 Second stasimon (grave consequences of acquittal)
566-777 Third episode
566-84 (preliminaries to trial)
585-608 (case for prosecution)
609-73 (case for defence)
674-710 (Athena: charter of Areopagus)
711-53 (voting and result)
754-77 (Or.' farewell)
778-891 Third stasimon (strophic lyrics alternate with iambic speeches by actor) (we are dishonored)
892-915 Fourth episode (Athena reassures Furies)
916-1020 Fourth stasimon (Furies blessings; Athena)
1021-47 (Athena describes procession)