Study Questions on Daimonion

What was the daimonion and how did it function in the life of Socrates?  What did others think it was?

Be aware of the dates of the sources.

Do the different authors have different views of what the daimonion is?

These are not the only places in Plato but they are some of the most important.

[Plato] Theages (reserve).  Plato in brackets because the dialogue not by him, even though it comes down in the manuscripts of Plato.  The author is unknown.  The dialogue is believed to date from the mid-4th c. B.C.E.

Plato: Alc. 1 (reserve) 103a5, 105d5-106a1
Apol. 31c8-d1 (charge), 40a4-c3 (did not oppose me today), 41d6 (ditto)
Euthyphro 3b5-7 (Euthyphro: Meletus' charge because of)
Phdr. 242b8-c3.

Xen.: Apol. 4-5, 10, 12, 13
Mem. 1.1.2-4, 9
Mem. 1.4.2 (? the word daimonion used in Greek in this place but ensuing conversation not about Socrates' daimonion; omit this passage)
Mem. 4.3.1-18 (daimonion comes up toward the end; comes closest to being a theological explanation of)
Mem. 4.8.1, 5-6
Symp. 8.5

Plutarch (1st-2nd c. B.C.E.), On the Sign (reserve).