Assignment for Mon. Apr. 7 and Wed. Apr. 9

Study question: what is Socratic irony?  Begin by asking yourself what you mean by "irony."

Bring Plato texts.

First, check passages already read and try to come up with a definition of irony. Pl. Apol. 37e-38a (("jesting" in Loeb trans. = "being ironic"); Pl. Symp. 216e4, 218d6 (in our trans.,  by Nehamas and Woodruff, the word "irony" is used both times); Pl. Gorg. 489e (only occurrences of words for irony in this dialogue).  Also use the Pl. Rep. passage in Vlastos (T1).

"Irony" does not occur in Xen. but distinguish between the word "irony" and statements that we would consider ironic even if not so designated.  There's a good ex in Xen. Symp.

Second, read Vlastos, "Socratic Irony" (reserve).  Third, read Edmunds, "The Practical Irony of the Aristophanic Socrates" (reserve).  Fourth, read Aristotle passage from Nicomachean Ethics (reserve).