Study Guide and Questions for Bilgamesh

George ch. 5 The (5) Sumerian Poems of Gilgamesh

SV = Standard Version of the Babylonian Gilgamesh Epic

Relation of Sumerian texts to SV (read for 9/17 and 9/19)

Sumerian Bilgames and Huwawa the basis of SV Tablets 3-5 (the expedition to the Forest of Cedar)
Sumerian Bilgames and Bull of Heaven the basis of SV Tablet 6 (Ishtar and the Bull of Heaven)
Sumerian death of Bilgames the basis of SV Tablet 7 (death of Enkidu)
Sumerian death of Bilgames also the basis of SV Tablets 10-11 (secrets of Flood Hero)

In the above, "the basis of" is only one way of looking at the relation of the two texts.  "Variant expressions of the same tradition" is another, probably better way.  Pay careful attention to George's various statements on this matter.

Our approach: compare and contrast Sumerian Poems and SV.

Our main question: how do Sumerian Poems contribute to the picture of Gilgamesh / Bilgamesh as hero.