Summary of Pauk Tyaing folktale or legend

The queen of Tagaung had a son, Pauk Tyaing, who was lost in the forest as a child. He was found and raised by foster-parents. Each of the queen's husbands was slain by a dragon who was the queen's lover. The ministers went out in a magic car to find a consort for the queen and they brought back Pauk Tyaing. He married the queen and killed the dragon, who became a spirit and was worshipped as "the Great Father." The queen paid large sums of money to have hair pins and a pillow made from the remains of the dragon. She then posed the following riddle on the condition that Pauk Tyaing was to die if he could not answer it, she was to die if he could: "Give a thousand for flaying; give a hundred for binding; hairpins of the loved one's bones." Pauk Tyaing was given the answer by his foster-parents, who had learned it from a crow. He forgave the queen. They had sons, who were born blind because of the emanation of the dragon in the queen's womb. This detail is included in the Glass Palace Chronicle, which provides a variant of the story of the blind sons but not the story of Pauk Tyaing. The same detail is found in the Chronicle of Tagaung, where the blind twins belong to a generation earlier than that of Pauk Tyaing.) and they were set adrift on the river.