Josep Maria Benet i Jornet: DESIRE (Desig).

Translated by Sharon G. Feldman in Contemporary Catalan Plays. Ed. David George and John London. London: Methuen Drama, 2000.

A husband and wife are spending time at their country house. She finds herself bewildered when, on three separate occasions, she goes out with her car and comes upon the same man stopped at the same place in the road with his broken down automobile. On the third occasion, she finally stops and offers the stranger help. Together, they go to a self-service cafeteria,where they meet up with a mysterious woman, whose presence does not seem to be completely accidental. The characters emerge as opaque silhouettes, drawn with fine, imprecise lines. Their yearnings and anxieties are revealed through alternating dialogues and soliloquies.

Minimal set and props, including a table and headlights from a car.

Premiere at Teatre Romea (Centre Dramàtic de la Generalitat de Catalunya), February 8, 1991. Directed by Sergi Belbel.

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